Romantic wedding of Habib Rihana and Lorena Copty


Love shines in the eyes of Habib and Lorena. © Archives Rihana


They are young, beautiful and they love each other. It is in Amman that a passion was born between Habib Sami Rihana and his colleague, the beautiful Jordanian Lorena Nakhlé Copty. A great love story crowned with a «Yes I do» in front of their relatives and friends in the church «Entry of Christ in the Temple» beautifully decorated with white roses for the happy occasion. After the religious ceremony, the guests, including many friends from Lebanon and Arab countries, gathered at the Grand Hyatt Amman to share with the wed couple and their families the sacrament of a wonderful day in white. The bride in her beautiful gown walked gracefully among the tables at the arm of her beloved to drink a toast to the health of the guests. A wind of youth bathed the fresh atmosphere inviting to the party and the dance floor, that people invaded in a jubilant mood to leave it with regret at the first light of day, after wishing Habib and Lorena many years of love and prosperity.



Jacqueline, Habib, General Sami Rihana and Rania Rihana Jaber. Copyright: Archives Rihana


Around the groom, Thérèse, Nabil, Rania, Maria and David Jaber. Copyright: Archives Rihana










Nathalie Copty Bakhit, Lorena, Lina, and Georges Nakhlé Copty. Copyright: Archives Rihana


Nabiha and Abboud Chami drinking a toast to the happiness of the groom. Copyright: Archives Rihana











The married couple with their witnesses Karim Nassif and Nathalie Copty Bakhit in the beautiful church «The Entry of Christ in the Temple», in Amman, lined with frescoes. © Archives Rihana



Habib and Lorena singing love. Copyright: Archives Rihana











Eddy Moutran congratulating the bride. Copyright: Archives Rihana


Dance for the bride and her parents. Copyright: Archives Rihana











Habib and Lorena cutting the beautiful cake. © Archives Rihana