Super Gala «brasileiro» at Phoenicia

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The Association of the Brazilian-Lebanese friendship chaired by Regina Fenianos, gave its gala dinner Saturday, May 21 at the Phoenicia hotel ballroom. The fiesta was in full swing with a sparkling «brasileiro» show in the presence of Brazilian ambassador to Lebanon Jorge Geraldo Kadri. Joyous dances with feathers, lights and colors that reminded us of the carnival. Proceeds of this gala go to the charity association «Arc-en-ciel».



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Ambassador of Paraguay Hasssan and Roula Dia, Elza and Brasilian ambassador Jorge Geraldo Kadri, Régina Fenianos.



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Robert and May Geahchan.

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Drs Celina and Said Rahal.










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Nancy and Ghassan Assaf.

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May Geahchan, Kamal Rizk and Viviane Ghanem.











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Marcelle Nadim and Azar Agha.

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Michel Nadim and Viviane Ghanem.