The Friendly Iftar of Mohamed and Rima Naffi

Prestige issue 276-277, July-August 2016


16 copy

Marwan and Rima Naffi, deputy cheikh Sami Gemayel, Mohamed and Eva Naffi.

As they traditionally do during the Ramadan, the charming Mohamed and Rima Naffi gathered their friends around a traditional iftar, organized in the elegant and authentic setting of Em Sherif restaurant in Achrafieh. Indulged in a cordial and friendly atmosphere, the guests were happy to share with their lovely hosts an exquisite menu with thousand tastes and instants of great happiness.



7 امال و غابي قسيس + رامي عيسى copy

The hosts with Amale and Gaby Kassis, Raji Issa.

5 روني و ماغي فرا + فيليب سكاف + بريجيت بحلق copy

Rony and Maguy Farra, Mohamed and Rima Naffi, Philippe Skaff, Brigitte Behlock and Mona Kanaan.












9 ابراهيم صيداني + رولا العجوز copy

Ibrahim Sidani, Marwan Naffi, Roula Ajouz Sidani, Eva and Rima Naffi.

10 انطوان و دورا حداد copy

Mohamed and Rima Naffi with Dora and Antoine Haddad, the ambassador of Sweden.











14 محمد داعوق + جورج خديج copy

Marwan and Mohamed Naffi with Mohamed Daouk and Dr Georges Khadige.


Mr and Mrs Amblard and Rima Naffi