Inauguration of a new department at AUB

Prestige issue 275, June 2016


1 وليد و اميمه و بهاد و غابي بساتني copy


President Fadlo R. Khuri and Dean Makram Suidan organized a gala dinner on the occasion of the inauguration of «Bahaa and Walid Bassatne Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department in FEA» at AUB. The selected guests included ministers, deputies and social figures who participated with joy to this highly cultural event at the Bechtel Engineering Building at AUB.



4 بدريه نعماني + رنا غزيري + ليندا بساتني + غابي بساتني + جوان مرعي copy

Badrié Naamani, Rana Ghaziri, Linda Bassatne, Gabriella Bassatne and Joanne Metni.

39 copy

Baha’ Bassatne pronouncing his speech.












5 اورول فغالي مدير عام النفط copy

Aurore Feghali general director of Petrol, minister Mohamed Kabbani, Walid Bassatne, minister Mohamed Jawad Khalifé, Baha’ Bassatne.

6 copy

Baha’ and Gabriella Bassatne with Adel Kassar and minister Adnan Kassar.













24 copy

Taymour Joumblatt, minister Wael and Zeina Abou Faour.

31 فضلو و لميا خوري copy

Dr Fadlo and Lamia Khuri.













30 copy

Aouni Kaaki, Leila and ministe Nouhad Machnouk

29 copy

Randa Berri, Baha’ Bassatne, Lama Salam, minister Nagib Mikati, Gabriella Bassatne and Minister Fouad Sanioura.