Lavish wedding of Raëd and Zeenat


Raed and Zeenat cutting the gigantic cake.



The all political, diplomatic and social Lebanon was present at the Panorama Biel, to celebrate the wedding of Raëd el Dana and Zeenat Mukhi. Of Indian father, Zeenat was radiant in her wedding dress in the colors of India, in perfect harmony with the wedding theme. A jubilant atmosphere bathed the beautiful evening wedding with thousand flavors.




Effat Kreidié Muki with the newly wed Raed and Zeenat.


The parents of the wed couple.












Effat Mukhi with deputy Ahmad Hariri and his wife.


Raed and Zeenat with their friends.












Maria Nadim with some guests.

29 زينه و روعه و سابين كريديه

Zeina, Rawaa and Sabine Kreidieh