Skoun Dinner for the Good Cause

Bertrand Fattal, Ziad Salamoun, Maria Pomellato, Sarah Trad, Hubert Fattal and guests. © Skoun




The Lebanese Center for Drug Addiction and Prevention organized its annual fundraising gala dinner at the Abroyan factory in Bourj Hammoud. Organized by Caractère, the event was a total success for Skoun, which operates today in two centers, in Ashrafieh and Chiah. It should be noted that the association’s treatment program has achieved success rates of more than 70% and that in 2015 it has been able to target more than 9200 young people. «The need for ongoing support is essential for the association to continue to move forward,» said Nadya Mikdashi, executive director and co-founder of Skoun. The evening, in song and in music, delighted the 600 big hearts present to support this laudable organization.




India Abdini, Laura Shorter, May Khalil, Nayla Moawad and Australian Ambassador Glenn Miles. © Skoun

Nayla Wiegand, Joumana Jamhouri, Sarah Trad, Maria Buccellati and Elie Saab Jr. © Skoun












The Ambassador of Great Britain Hugo Shorter and his wife Laura. © Skoun

Siham Tueni, Sarah Trad, Marie-Claude Sfeir and Claude Khoury. © Skoun