Of Whispers and Winds by Leila Bissat

Leila Bissat signing her book at Le Yacht Club.




It is on Thursday February 2nd that Leila Bissat signed her book Of Whispers and Winds at Le Yacht Club, Zaitunay Bay, in the presence of VIP’s and social figures. This is the second book by travel writer Leila Amad Bissat, where she recounts her adventures in the Far East and South East Asia. She tells the stories behind souvenirs she collected on her trips and describes the region through her own eyes.




Rima Kassem, Rana Ghaziri, Mostapha Bissat.

Walid and Sana Aridi.










Fadia Hamdane

Maya Barbir and Layla Chammas










Hind Farchoukh

Randa Soussi and Zahra Bissat










Nada Fattouh, Joumana Azar, Amal Saab and Shirine Daouk

Amal Khoury and Sawsan Wazzan Jabri











Nina Chamaa and Samia Massoud

Nivine Bouez and Nayla Sfeir










Roula Kronfol, Anwar El Alam

Roula Kaaki, Ali Jaber, Mona Khoury










Nahida Naamani, Roula Kronfol, Awan Azhari and Zeina Chatila

Nina Zaatari and Rima Tabbara