Paulina Nemcova

Prestige issue 269-270, Dec. 2015-January 2016
For a short time in Lebanon, the famous model, actress, producer, jewelry designer and lawyer Paulina Nemcova has lost nothing of her aura of surprising simplicity. Majestic, with sculptural forms,

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Lynne Webber

Prestige issue 268, November 2015
At the head of Marina Rinaldi since 2012, after an experience in various fields, Lynne Webber works to consolidate in the international fashion market, a prestigious brand of women’s clothing, which seeks to innovate while remaining rooted in the group’s heritage.

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Bahia Hariri

Prestige issue 92, January 2001
With a disarming nature, unusual character, authentic, inseparable from the humanitarian scene, working tirelessly in the shadow, like a laborious ant, to the rebirth of culture and preservation of heritage, renowned for her work yet to an exemplary discretion. We met the MP in her beloved city, far from the media spotlights.

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Macallan whisky

Prestige issue 260, March 2015
In 2007, Patsy Christie started her career with The Macallan, one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries still in operation. Five years later, she lives in Dubai and is the Brand Ambassador for the Middle East and North Africa. It’s rare to be a woman Ambassador in the whisky world

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