Prestige issue 273, April 2016
More than a loving embrace with the joy of the party under the spotlight, marriage is the covenant, this official oath made by couples wanting to live together, committing to God and the State to support each other

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Love again and again

Prestige issue 271, february 2016
Celebrated on February 14, Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love and lovers, a relatively new festive occasion made fashionable by the Americans around the globe. The love proclaimed, externalized, would it have appeared in the modern world? No, it has always existed

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Baccarat : 250 years of History

Prestige issue 250, May 2014
Symbol of a unique art of living, its chandeliers have shed light through years and centuries. The house of crystal Baccarat, founded in Lorraine in 1764 with the authorization of King Louis XV, remains the most prestigious manufacture of the world

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The Universal Exhibition of Milan

Prestige issue 268, November 2015
If the Lebanese pavilion at the World Expo in Milan «Feeding the Planet», present between more than 135 countries has been successful, it owes it undoubtedly, to the talent and expertise of its citizens

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