The question of whether obesity is nature or nurture has been answered a long time ago. It is a combination of both. It is not a coincidence that children of obese parents are obese, while children of athletic families tend to be, well, more athletic

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Diet center: Leader in healthy catering

The Diet center exists since almost 25 years, do you consider yourself as a trend setter in the area of nutrition?

Without a doubt we are. 25 years ago, the concept of healthy catering never existed in Lebanon or any Arab country for the matter.

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The Sun: Source of life, health and beauty

Prestige issue 262, May 2015
For billions of years, the sun has been ruling the world in which we live. Without the sun the earth would not exist and also us. All life on earth is a chemical reaction that burns and transforms the sun’s energy. Many phenomena in our bodies and our minds are related to the action of the sun.

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Nutrition for pregnant woman

Prestige issue 261, April 2015
For nine months, the pregnant woman’s diet ensures the growth and proper development of the baby. It is not about eating for two, but eating twice as well. Pregnancy should be an opportunity to reconnect with good eating habits.

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How to lower Cholesterol

Prestige issue 252-253, July August 2014
Cholesterol is a fatty yellow substance in the blood and is also found in foods of animal origin. Note that cholesterol is considered essential for the regeneration of cells, for the manufacture of vitamin D from the sun, for the work of hormones and more specifically estrogen and testosterone and for the adhesion of cells that

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