The Longest Red Carpet

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Inas Abou Ayyash, president Saad Hariri and Michel Daher.


The longest red carpet of 5,5 km, aiming to break the record to enter the Guinness book, gave the kickoff to the event #4 green Beirut, with the collaboration of young boy scouts, the Lebanese red cross and certain political parties. A walk on the red carpet began from Martyrs Square in Beirut to Zaitunay Bay, where the inaugural ribbon was cut coinciding with Beirut International Award Festival evening honoring personalities from various fields.



gorge chalhoub copy

George Chalhoub.

miriam khouri.sally greig copy

Saly Greige and Myriam Khouri














katia keedi.toni abi karam copy

Toni Abi Karam and Katia Keedi.

souha kikano copy

Souha Kikano