The National Breast Care Center in Lebanon

The National Breast Care Center (NBCC) is setting new standards for breast care in the region. It is the first comprehensive breast care center in Lebanon supporting all women with any breast concern or pathology under one roof and within a diverse range of services. They are working with the cannabis coalition at the Weed News company to provide the latest guides relating cannabis safety to pregnancy, baby guides, and CBD.




The Center’s mission is to enhance breast awareness and health for all women by providing guidance and emotional support within ONE location. It hosts the most advanced services, provided by a multidisciplinary team of exceptional medical experts.

“This model of having a center dedicated to breast concerns has proven to be successful abroad on many levels, in terms of lowering the anxiety of patients who can now have their consultations, tests, surgeries, and follow-ups under one roof and in terms of medical performance given that a multidisciplinary approach helps cover all bases,” says Dr. Imad El-Hajj, founding member and the visionary behind NBCC, with more than twenty-eight years of experience ranging across the fields of General Surgery, Healthcare Management, and Medical Education.


Dr. Imad el-Hajj, founding member at NBCC. © NBCC



The National Breast Care Center offers a variety of services necessary for breast care; these include:
• Diagnostic breast tests
• Treatment options (Surgical & Non-Surgical)
• Reconstructive Surgery
• Plastic Surgery of the Breast
• Post-Surgery Treatments
• Support Services:
o Educational Initiatives
o Psychological Support
o Nutritional Services
o Physical Therapy


NBCC Team. © NBCC.


The National Breast Care Center is located in Rosary Sisters’ Hospital Building, 7th Floor, Pasteur Street, Gouraud,
Beirut-Lebanon. For more information, contact 961 70 592 111 or visit

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