DWW 2021: MB&F x BVLGARI Roman exuberance meets Swiss horological creativity

It is the story of an unlikely connection, of two paradoxes combining to form a single, homogeneous and sophisticated whole. It is also the story of an encounter between two unusual and unconventional creative approaches. When MB&F and Bulgari decide to join forces, the result can only be extraordinary: the FlyingT Allegra, a joint and unexpected feminine creation merging various skills, but above all two mindsets.

LM FlyingT Allegra by MB&F x Bulgari: Roman exuberance meets Swiss horological creativity. ©MB&F x Bulgar

Radical in terms of its architecture and construction, while exquisitely precious in terms of its opulent ornamentation, this creation was intended as a tribute to femininity. In its name FlyingT, the T stands for the initial of Max Büsser’s wife, Tiffany, as well as for flying Tourbillon.

LM FlyingT Allegra by MB&F x Bulgari: 20 pieces in 18ct white gold and 20 pieces in 18ct red gold diamond-set cases, with fully diamond-set dial plates, adorned with fine gemstones. ©MB&F x Bulgari

The choice to revisit MB&F’s Legacy Machine FlyingT was both natural and logical. The vertically-built movement – topped by a 60-second flying tourbillon – is designed in such a way that only its owner can read the time, with hours and minutes displayed at a 50-degree angle. The case-back reveals the sun-shaped oscillating weight, winding a barrel that ensures a generous 100-hour power reserve. A sapphire crystal dome tops this three-dimensional assembly, beneath which one can admire the organic life of the movement.

This unusual construction could not have been more appropriate for Bulgari. The volumes of the watch – featuring a case entirely redesigned by Bulgari to give it a futuristic, UFO-like profile – are matched by those of the coloured stones. The gems counterbalance the cold precision and micromechanical complexity of the movement by instilling the Roman jeweller’s warm and exuberant signature touch: carefully selected tourmaline, tsavorite, rubellite, amethyst, tanzanite and topaz, in an exceptional composition forming a full circle around the movement.

The vertically-built movement, topped by a 60-second flying tourbillon, is designed in such a way that only its owner can read the time. ©MB&F x Bulgari

LM FlyingT Allegra by MB&F x Bulgari: MB&F FlyingT movement featuring three-dimensional vertical architecture, automatic winding, conceived and developed in-house. Central flying 60-second tourbillon. ©MB&F x Bulgari

Maximilian Büsser, MB&F’s Founder and Creative Director,
and Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, Bulgari’s Product Creation Executive Director. ©MB&F x Bulgari

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