A Lebanese rewarded in Dubai

In Dubai, Lebanese architect Carole Akkari won the Public Service Award for Interior Architecture as part of the world-renowned “International Property Awards” dedicated to architecture, interior design, development and real estate in Dubai, achieving the highest points in the winning Arab category for its luxurious and contemporary interior design of the “Dr Costi House of Beauty” clinic in Beirut, in a ceremony that brought together and celebrated the highest levels of achievements of the best companies, businessmen and individuals from around the world in the fields of architecture, interior design, development, and real estate sector, with the aim of identifying the best projects and to achieve more success for them to meet and communicate, in addition to professionals, owners, presidents, CEOs and partners. The award also highlights cutting-edge technologies, luxury brands, industry experts and influencers. Architect Akkari has also been nominated for the regional real estate award which will be held soon in Europe.

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