Crown your Love by Chaumet

At the origins of the collection lies the love story between Napoléon and Joséphine, for whom Chaumet created the first sentimental jewels. It’s a love story that inspires the Maison with Crown Your Love today. A precious take on the engagement ring, to crown the most romantic of engagements.



Rings from Crown your Love collection. © Chaumet.



Chaumet offers couples the opportunity to create their own personal ring because each way of saying “ I do ” is unique. An unprecedented digital bespoke service, lets lovers experience what sets Chaumet apart by composing and visualizing their own engagement ring in 3D. After choosing the style of solitaire and the cut of stone – pear, cushion, princess or brilliant – each couple can find the diamond of their dreams according to very precise criteria.


Bee My Love


Bee my Love. © Chaumet.


Graphic and contemporary, the Bee My Love solitaire builds on the Chaumet codes with its geometric honeycomb. An arresting innovation based on the imperial bee motif.


Bee My Love Solitaire. © Chaumet.



Éclat Floral


Eclat Floral ring by Chaumet. © Chaumet.


Possessing the joy inherent in a vow, the Éclat Floral solitaire conveys an undeniably feminine elegance. Suggesting the unfurling of a flower, the central stone also evokes an especially significant episode in the history of the Maison. Its cushion cut is reminiscent of the Régent. The legendary diamond set by the Chaumet founder into Napoléon’s coronation sword.


Eclat d’Eternité


Eclat d’Eternité ring. © Chaumet.


With its pared-down and pure design, the new Éclat d’Éternité solitaire crowns the finger with a brilliant-cut diamond made light and airy through the fil couteau technique, a Chaumet signature.


Solitaire Joséphine Eclat d’Eternité. © Chaumet.

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