Jacob Abrian Ambassador of Arab Fashion Week

Prestige issue 255, October 2014

Born in 1992 to a family spreading around the world from Australia, to Argentina, France and Lebanon, Jacob Abrian is a daring young boy… Behind this sweet face you’ll find a real responsible man. Inherited from his Phoenician blood, he calls himself a citizen of the world, a cosmopolitan in fact, of no fixed abode, because his true home is the city of fashion excellence as New York, Paris, Milan, London. However, a nostalgic look goes to that piece of land full of history, nestled in the Mediterranean Sea that he loves for his affections of tie, Lebanon. While studying architecture in Italy, he was scouted by a fashionista. His particular look, reflecting his exotic mixed blood, made him the first international male model of Arabic/Lebanese origins. His energy loaded with charisma has attracted international brands not only for the sake of beauty but also in the representation and management. Jacob is based in Milan and represented by top modeling management around the world. At an age of 22 he has been assigned the Ambassador of the Arab Fashion Week being the youngest in this position representing the Arab World globally in the fashion industry.

Jacob Abrian

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Total look by Corneliani

«I want to change the perception westerners have of Arab men…»

How did you get this far and with what purposes, given your young age? When looking at your sweet face we find a strong determination in your eyes that comes from a desire… what is it? You’re right, I might be very young to receive all these compliments, but behind all my determination as you said there is a great desire, a passion and above all so many sacrifices. My passion is fashion but not only dresses and accessories, I’m talking about all the system that revolves around it, the idea of a new piece of cloth, its implementation until the extreme personalization for every need! As a child at the age of five years already, I drew my first haute couture sketches for my aunt, a singer who then had realized them for her concerts. So I grew up in a very lively and creative ambience with my family always supporting me and my crazy ideas. Many times I turned our house into a theatre inviting all the neighbors in, changing the decoration and creating a big mess at home; my mom was always proud of that believing that she contributes in boosting my creativity.

And then your career starts as a model. How did you get there, given the high competition? Actually my career started as an architect and I had much success as well participating in international projects, such as the famous World Expo. I was always confident about my look and knew that I loved anything revolving about fashion, still I do not feel more beautiful than others, I recognize my quality and I am very determined to achieve all what I want; even though, in every new step I took many people were against it. But in the end, I always do what I believe is correct. For the competition, I never consider myself a competitor to anyone, it is always just a game, and trust me, I always wish that my friends grab the opportunity before I do, because I will not be happy to enjoy the success alone.

You just finished a photoshoot for Prestige at the Al Maha Desert Resort in Dubai. We see you driving the luxury car of the year, Aston Martin just as James Bond did. Do you also have a mission impossible to accomplish? Aston Martin is a car that I enjoy driving, especially while in Dubai where I like very much to visit Al Maha Desert Resort, a very luxurious place in the heart of Dubai ­Desert Conservation Reserve. My favorite spot where I can escape, not to be alone, but to be surrounded with nature: desert, deers, falcons… all from my terrace with an infinity swimming pool exactly next to the dunes; a title for silence and eternal peace! Yes indeed it is a mission, not impossible though! My purpose is to connect thousands of cultures and thousands of States in this fashion industry, united under one title «Fashion speaks Arabic» rather than divided as often borders are accustomed to do. That’s why I became Ambassador of Fashion for the Arab World, even though my skin is not dark and I am not traditional as most Western people believe an Arabic man should be. The Middle East no longer has the confines of time, but still keeps a tag on our DNA that makes us proud and motivated to expose it. I don’t say it is an easy mission, but impossible is nothing.


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Usually the title «Ambassador» is given to represent a fashion brand… Instead, you are accomplishing more by representing many cultures and countries in the field of fashion. Will this oblige you to follow a different lifestyle than most models? It is a very important question that my parents always ask me. Indeed, I am a model and I have been selected to be an Ambassador for what I am. For this reason I will stay the same person: humble, down to earth, friendly with everyone, even more curious than before and ready for big adventures!

We are very excited to know more about the Arab Fashion Week, is it finally the official Fashion Week arriving to the Arab World? It is even more than that! The official Fashion Week which we see in New York, London, Milan or Paris represent one country and one culture. Our Fashion Week will represent all the Arab World and its 22 countries! It will take place in Dubai in March 2015. You can visit the official website to stay up to date with all the latest about this huge prestigious event.

We forget that you are still a very young man, which can be challenging in the industry. What do you have in mind for your future? My dream will not be realized yet by accomplishing my mission as Ambassador. I want very soon to free myself into my biggest ambition, which is to become an actor who knows no boundaries, who is not limited by language or borders. I also want to create fashion projects entirely dedicated to development and adoption in Africa, a beautiful land that has always fascinated me.

What is your message to the people, and in particular to the Arab World? I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the people around me, my family, my friends, my colleagues and the Arab Fashion Council Family for trusting me with this new and important mission to represent the Arab World of which I am very proud. I will be working my best to represent them in the most amazing way and change the idea of how the west thinks of the Middle East. Finally, I invite them to stay updated with my news and journeys by following me on social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And many thanks to Prestige for giving me the opportunity to be on their cover of this month issue, specially dedicated to Men. I am always glad to collaborate with this very elegant magazine of international standard.

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