Prestige issue 262, May 2015


Compass rose, bracelets in pink gold, diamond and opal rose, available in yellow gold, diamond and turquoise or yellow gold, diamond and lapis lazuli. © Dior Joaillerie

The history of the House of Dior between the lines

Everything starts in Granville, in the villa facing the sea where Christian Dior spent his childhood. It is called the Rhumbs, named after the thirty-two divisions of the compass. Everything in it inspires you to travel, to the pelvis at the back of the house, whose mosaic background shows the pattern of a compass rose. It is also in this park that will be born the passion of the fashion designer for flowers: hawthorn, mignonette and especially the rose, his favorite. Later, in Paris, it’s when he found lying on the ground, a star slightly mysterious that Christian Dior decided to open his own fashion house, seeing as a sign of his destiny. From Paris then, with his lucky star in his pocket, he went all over the world to present his collections, with always the rose in the spotlight. These are the stories one can find in the collection Compass Rose of Victoire de Castellane, the artistic director of Dior Joaillerie. With yellow gold and pearl, lapis lazuli or turquoise or pink gold and pink opal: jewelry has the delicacy of a story that is told in a confidential tone. «Behind the symbol of traveling, we find the Star of Christian Dior and the idea of ​​a lucky charm, but also the rose, his favorite flower.»

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