Paperplanes: Beautiful Mural Decorations

Prestige issue 262, May 2015

Dana Cheikha and Hiba Mikdashi


The Jungle and the Lion Heart, wall mounting, baby boy room. © Archives Paperplanes

Why did you choose this branch? Hiba Mikdashi: Dana and I are both graphic designers graduated with a BA in Graphic Arts from the American University of Beirut. Jointly sharing the passion for design, color, discovery and experimentation of the material and fabrics, we have joined efforts and founded Paperplanes, a design studio, especially for children. Our work is purely handcrafted and rich in creativity and imagination, a memorable creation.

Would you introduce yourself? Dana Cheikha: I am the mother of a family of three children, passionate of creativity. Hiba and I are specialized in mural decoration, projects dear to our heart, but also in souvenir gift concocted for newborns and for birthdays and other celebrations. Hiba Mikdashi: After getting my BA, I pursued a “Master of Arts in Media and Communication” at Goldsmiths College in London and obtained a «Chevening Fellowship». Also passionate of stamps, I specialized in stamp design.


Dana Cheikha et Hiba Mikdashi. © Archives Paperplanes

Tell us about Paperplanes … Dana and Hiba: Founded in 2014, Paperplanes is a design studio dedicated to children, but also for projects related to commercial and cultural activities. Paperplanes is renowned for its wall installation of wood and fabric, attached to the wall using screws and thus capable of being disassembled. The installation tells the children a story, creates a magical atmosphere in the real world, new, gay and innovative. Our designs are unique, personalized and executed on order.

«Creations of Paperplanes bring happiness»

Why are these mural decorations so dear to your heart? Dana Cheikha: These projects are dear to our heart as they transform a child’s room, which will be transformed in a wonderful and exciting world of adventure and imagination making his happiness. Inspired by the visionary imagination of children and worked with the greatest care with funky fabrics and textiles with rich and beautiful colors, the room will be their magical kingdom.

9 name

Children’s initials. © Archives Paperplanes

You talk about social responsibility of Paperplanes…Hiba Mikdashi: Aware of our social responsibility, we work with designers, carpenters and talented local artisans known for their manual skills.

The world of Paperplanes to Hiba and Dana …Paperplanes is a world of fairy tales, unicorns, of pink elephants, of lion kings, of steps on the moon … Relive the fantasy world of your childhood and create such a kingdom for your children, away from standard ready-made and the current digital world …

For more information:

[email protected]

Phone: 961 3 403444/1 791437




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