Prestige issue 269-270, Dec. 2015-Jan. 2016

«My style is refined, with elegant finishing and femininity»

Marked by the simplicity of life in Nigeria during his childhood and the British variety and complexity later, the designer Moe Shour combines these concepts in his creations and tells Prestige his history with fashion, his eponymous label, his new collection and projects.


Moe Shour. © Archives Moe Shour

Moe Shour, you spent your childhood in Nigeria before moving to London … How these two worlds and two cultures have influenced you and do they still influence you? What influenced me is the simplicity of life in Africa and in contrast, the British complexity and diversity. This is what I combine in my creations to date.

Was it a childhood dream to become a stylist? More than a childhood dream, I think it is innate. We are born with this talent that shapes you to become the person you are.

In 2011, you launched your own brand and your shop. How would you describe the «brand» Moe Shour? What is the «Moe Shour» style? The brand Moe Shour is a dream accessible to women so they feel at the height of elegance and femininity. The Moe Shour style is refinement, detail, finishing, elegance, femininity in its purest form. A Moe Shour creation is not only to wear but more to fall in love with.

Dress 3b copy

Dress from the collection «Threads of Hope», Moe Shour. © Moe Shour / photo: Joseph Abdo

To whom your collections are addressed? Who is the woman who wears Moe Shour? My collections are dedicated to women who appreciate and value the high fashion and timeless elegance. The woman who wears Moe Shour is confident and has self-confidence. A woman who is in love with love …

Tell us about your new collection. What was your inspiration? What are the «key» silhouettes of the season? The new collection is an inspiration of local and global chaos. What inspired me to create this collection, it is the hope inside me and optimism of a more beautiful world I aspire constantly. I wanted this collection to translate hope and beauty. Silhouettes are a platform to highlight the female body in many ways, accentuating the slim waist and bust.

Dress 11 b copy

Dress from the collection «Threads of Hope», Moe Shour. © Moe Shour / photo: Joseph Abdo

Inspired by the local and global chaos,

the collection «Threads of Hope»

reflects the hope and beauty.

What are your projects? I am very picky in choosing my projects. I’m the kind of person who prefers to show the finished project and not to talk before its execution. I would like to share with readers one of my projects this collection «Threads of Hope», my cooperation with my dear friend and collaborator, the great director Joe Bou Eid who brought a new spirit with his vision and creativity in showing the peak of femininity, combining beauty, hope and destruction. Many new projects are underway, which I keep in surprise for the near future.

Who is your fashion icon? Why? My god of fashion is Valentino! Because he always understood the female body and sensuality in a way that inspires me.

A tip for our readers to be the most beautiful in the year-end holidays? My advice to all women is to not follow fashion but rather what suits her and accentuate her femininity, to have confidence and to love herself forever.

Interview by MARIA NADIM

Dresses: Moe Shour Mobile: +96171232822

Phone: +9611998234

Production Design: Naftaleen Entertainment

Art Direction: Joe Bou Eid

Photography: Joseph Abdo

Styling: Christiane Hajjar

Makeup: Marcelle Khoury


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