French Legion of Honor to Samir Abillama

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The ambassador of France, Emmanuel Bonne decorating émir Samir Abillama.

The insignia of Knight of the National Order of Legion of Honor was awarded to the President of the Maronite League, Emir Samir Abillama. The Ambassador of France, Mr. Emmanuel Bonne decorated him  during a reception at the Residence des Pins in the presence of his family and various Lebanese figures, including former presidents of the Maronite League, presidents of the lawyers Bar Association as well as friends.



Emir Samir and Marlène Abillama.


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Joseph Torbey, cheikh Wadih el Khazen, HE Emmanuel Bonne, Mgr Boulos Matar, president Chucri Sader, Emir Samir and Marlène Abillama with Yasmine and Sara Abillama.



Minister Sejaan Azzi, HE Emmanuel Bonne, minister Michel Eddé, emir Samir and Marlène Abillama.


35 زينه ابي اللمع + زياد منقاره

Chafic,  Yasmine and Sara Abillama, Marlène, Emir Samir and Zeina Abillama, Ziad Minkara.



Minister Ziad Baroud, Viviane Ghamen and Mrs Bonne.


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Minister Joe Sarkis, cheikh Wadih el Khazen, HE Emmanuel Bonne and Samir Abillama.



Minister Ziad Baroud, Marcelle Nadim, HE Emmanuel Bonne, Samir and Marlène Abillama, Michel Nadim.


9 رمزي و فاديا هيكل copy

Samir and Marlène Abillama with Ramzi and Fadia Haykal.

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