The Majestic and cinema

A great love affair


© Majestic Hotel

In the month of May, Cannes lives to the rhythm of its famous festival. We can meet the elite of international cinema that gather on the croisette to discover some of the year’s best movies. On this occasion, hotels are fully booked and are requisitioned by the stars,who each night climb the steps of the palais des festivals, wearing dresses by the world’s most illustrious fashion houses.

At the Majestic, the magic of the film festival continues throughout the year thanks to a remarkable collection of over 2500 photos tracing 60 years of the festival. Among the visitors of this palace through the years, Béatrice Dalle, Gong Li and other celebrities like Morgan Freeman, Chris Tucker or Sting who share a taste for good food and treat themselves with dishes and sweet delicacies. They indulge themselves with a balotine of duck, others with breakfasts with on the menu omelette and salmon…

To satisfy its clientele, the Majestic doubles its workforce to cope with this peak of activity and guarantee a quality of service worth of a select clientele.

Some stars that were seen at the Majestic Hotel during this year’s Festival.




Eva Herzigova 1
Eva Herzigova. Photo: Majestic Hotel
jessica chastain
Jessica Chastain. Photo: Majestic Hotel

















Judie Foster
Jodie Foster. Photo: Majestic Hotel
Salma Hayek JMR lr
François-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek. Photo: Majestic Hotel

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