Prestige issue 279, October 2016


The designer launches his new collection in Beirut

He wanted to forge ahead from Lebanon, specifically from the city he loves most, Beirut. The designer Ali Younès wanted to pay tribute to the capital, after proving his talents in the Arab countries and around the world. He will be presenting on October 19 his new Autumn-Winter collection called The Mystic Forest, which embodies the passion he has for Beirut, the capital of art, literature, culture and fashion.




© Archives Ali Younes



Ali Younes Autumn-Winter collection exudes a gentle heat tinted with winter colors of the forest … Marked by this forest heat, patterns move to the rhythm of love and nature around, captivating and fascinating. Drawing from this panorama the dark tones of the night, wood and green foliage, the designer presents different models and volumes, inspired by these ancient trees. Aristocracy, finesse and refinement of a creation dedicated to the elegant and distinguished woman … A woman in harmony. Drawn from the treasures buried in the heart of the forest, the collection is driven by a mix of fine fabrics and embroidery. The size is bent and gradually amplified to the bottom of the piece. Other details characteristic of great luxury, the long tail and embroideries. The feathers of forest birds weave a cozy nest on dresses, while Swarovski crystals studded on pieces recall the Butterfly passionately stuck to the leaves. What to say also about the fruits represented by the beads, rhinestones and sequins? Burgundi or black fur adds a touch of magic and distinction, tenderly lacing velvet pieces, lace,  crepe, tulle, brocade, in perfect harmony of colors appropriate to the season. So black is inspired by the night, burgundi and dark red remind shadow autumn colors of the forest, not to mention the floating tones of olive green and gold. Forty-two pieces make up the unique collection of designer Ali Younes. An explosion of femininity full of seduction crowned with a beautiful pearl gray wedding dress, a bold color, accented with golden stripes … Through this collection, Ali Younes seeks to raise public creativity to the seductive nature that has inspired him. A collection faithful to his passion, which is expressed in this hauler and all those details that are particularly attractive and make all the charm of women.














© Archives Ali Younes



An explosion of femininity full of seduction, the mystic Forest by designer Ali Younes will be launched on October 19 in Beirut.





The international star Jennifer Lopez moves on stage in an outfit by designer Ali Younes. © Archives Ali Younes

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