Tanya Heath Boutique

May Anid and Cynthia Esber.



Tanya Heath is the designer of a revolutionary concept in footwear.  Cynthia Sarkis Perros and Cynthia Esber invited to the inauguration of Tanya Heath Paris boutique, located in Achrafieh, Ghandour el Saad Street, in the presence of the brand’s designer, Tanya Heath who created a revolutionary concept in the world of women footwear. She created interchangeable heels of different colors, forms and heights that women can fix to their shoes in accordance with their outfit. Fascinated by this prodigious idea, the media and present fashionistas expressed a real enthusiasm in front of the polyvalent displayed heels, congratulating Tanya for the happiness she offers to women who care about their elegance.



Chadia and Cynthia Esber owner of the boutique, the designer Tanya Heath, Jacqueline Rihana and Nabil Esber.



Mirna, Chantal, Cynthia and Sandy.



The heels on display.



Cynthia Esber and Tanya Heath.



Nayla Issa, Cynthia Esber, Raymond Skaff and Tanya Heath.

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