Dr Lina Dada

Prestige issue 287-288, Dec. Jan. 2018


«Success lies in always doing Good to others»

Devotion, goodness, love…Respectful of these great moral and familial values that were instilled during her childhood, Dr Lina Dada, dental surgeon, mother and president founder of the charitable association Ajialouna, tells Prestige her story with success.


Dr Lina Dada. © Archives Dr Lina Dada



You are dental surgeon and since 1995 president founder of Ajialouna Association that help people in need. What stimulated you to create this association? Many factors contributed in the creation of Ajialouna: misery, shortage and need in which a big number of Lebanese live because of the war.

In 2015, you launched the campaign «Hotline Health Service». Can you describe it? «Hotline Health Service» was launched to help critical medical cases that request a quick approval, whatever the expenses to be covered.

What experience did you acquire with Ajialouna? Perseverance and an unlimited patience to accomplish my objectives.

What are the challenges you succeeded to face during this period? Not succeeding in my initiative was a big challenge for me, and the advice given by my mother helped me not to despair whatever difficulties I had to face.

Nowadays we are witnessing a proliferation of charitable associations in Lebanon. What distinguishes Ajialouna from other associations? To satisfy multiple needs, Ajialouna created numerous activities in the educational and medical fields and women empowerment. Like Cœur de miel/Eat to donate; Life Petals for children with cancer; Tomooh, with Pepsico to ensure university grants; project Ramadan and Iftar Min Aleb, annual gala dinner, participation in the Marathon. Our motto stays:«We live to give».

As a mother and a dentist, how do you combine your profession with your humanist vocation at Ajialouna? I succeed in joining the two functions in a good repartition of my occupations. What’s important is to know how to organize our day.

What role did your husband also a doctor play in your career? My husband always encouraged me and his incitements helped me to go further. It is him who helped me to be responsible of the management of my work.

What is for you the ideal woman? In my opinion, the ideal woman is the one who succeeds in doing lots of good towards the others.

 What does your mother represent to you? My mother is this magical word that represents devotion, goodness, love and the fear of God.

What is the secret of success in your opinion…The secret of success lies in not being overwhelmed by difficulties, to always stand by the others and doing the most of good.

What is happiness for you, it’s…Happiness for me is to see my efforts ease the misfortune of the needy, and give them hope.

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