Gorgon Claw Jewelry Collection by Versace

Gorgon Claw, the latest collection from Versace Fine Jewellery embodies the attitudes of the Versace Woman: power, strength, individuality, and passion. The claw, a symbol of power, is the inspiration for the design of each jewel in this collection.



Gorgon Claw Collection by Versace. © Versace.



Gorgon claw, jewelry collection by Versace is Hand-crafted in gold and highest quality diamonds, each jewel is complemented with a one of a kind shape and cut of precious stones.

The wide Gorgon claw collection range consists of a 5-claw, 3-claw, 2-claw rings; 1 claw stud earrings and 4-claw earrings; stunning 1-claw pendant and 2-claw bangle.



Necklace from the Gorgon Claw collection © Versace.



The Gorgon Claw jewelry comes in both yellow and rose gold; with a choice of Peridot, Rhodolite, Honey Citrine, and Amethyst.


Five claws ring from the Gorgon Claw collection © Versace.


The collection is available in the Versace Fine Jewellery boutiques in Dubai Mall, Palazzo Versace Dubai and El Khayyat Mall in Jeddah, KSA.

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