A Weekend in Venice

Prestige issue 244, November 2013

Celebrations and festivities with Rachid and Chahrazad Rizk


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The beautiful couple Rachid and Chahrazad renew their vows of twenty years of love.

It was 20 years ago in Geneva, a thunderbolt as in fairy tales. A first glance, a smile, a chat over a coffee, and since Rachid and Chahrazad Rizk stayed together. They had united their destinies in Las Vegas, but they wanted to celebrate the renewal of their vows of 20 years of love and marriage in the most famous city of romance. For this, they invited family and friends to a weekend of festivities in Venice to share all these so touching and important moments. They had the benediction of the priest at the famous church of the Madonna dell ‘Orto. A cocktail in the courtyard of the church followed the ceremony and in the evening a masked ball.

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 The Madonna dell’Orto church built in the XIVth 
 century is famous for the paintings of Tintoretto.              Spectacular entry of chahrazad on the arm of her son Anwar, and Rashid
                                                                                                          on the arms of his daughter Nour who served as witnesses. 

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After the religious ceremony, photos under the paintings of Tintoretto
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Didi Madahi, Rima Loukkal, Marie José Issa, Marcelle Nadim, Madonna Thierry, Pier Navoni, Erika De Biasi, David and Paola Issa.

Magical masquerade

Friends have nicknamed rightly Rachid Caliph Haroun Rachid and his princess Chahrazad who knew to charm and keep him. The Polignac Palace, one of the largest palaces in Venice on the Grand Canal hosted the masked ball on the evening of the blessing. The welcome drink was followed by a sumptuous fine dining and then closing by an orchestra who made all guests dance until the first light of dawn.

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 Venetian characters and a rose for beautiful Chahrazad.
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A Venetian orchestra to lead the welcome drink.
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Very touched, Rachid and Chahrazad cut their wedding cake to the applause of their friends.
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Belly dancers with chandeliers on the head.

Three days of festivities

Rachid and Chahrazad Rizk made their friends live three days of fairy in Venice.The first night: dinner at Cipriani to accommodate them. The next day, a blessing at the church Madonna dell ‘Orto, and in the evening a magical masquerade.The last day before departure, brunch at the roof terrace of the famous Hotel Danieli on the Great Canal. Guests thanked Rachid and Chahrazad for their princely welcome and returned to regret, each in his country after this magical and unforgettable weekend in Venice.

68Beautiful floral decoration.208 Cynthia Rami, Joëlle Jabre and Lilia Sabbagh.
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