The barrister Georges Jreij

Prestige issue 251, June 2014

Georges Jreij


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An ambitious program for the honor of the profession.

Belonging and commitment, two watchwords constituting the charter, the creed of Georges Salloum Jreij, new barrister of Beirut, first president of the Bar Association to be elected with a proportion of more than 55% of the electoral assembly since the first ballot. A resounding victory, unprecedented in the history of this prestigious Association established in 1919 which has been and remains a warm home to many presidents, ministers, parliamentarians and leading figures of the country. ” Let’s put together our hands for a strong bar in a strong country with strong people” said the barrister Jreij adding: “I believe in a bar who bares the flag of values, democracy, the defense of civil liberties and human rights. His program of action “for the honor of the profession and of the fatherland” is ambitious, in accordance with his image, he who admits “having reached the most important goal” of his life with the 2662 voices obtained on November 17th, 2013. While young, he dreamed of becoming a lawyer, defender of the cause of the righteous, honest people whom rights are often violated. “I was revolted against corruption, piston, illicit enrichment … I wanted to correct, change things. With fever inside me, seething in me, a revolutionary fever that I could not express, direct, I was shy and it’s a family trait-only through law enforcement and the profession of lawyer “.

Photo 1 Georges Jreij

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The president Georges Jreij and his wife Eliane, a happy couple.

Born on April 5th, 1956 in Kornet el Hamra, village of Metn perfumed by the scent of pine, Georges Jreij grew up in a family of six children where he is the youngest. His father, Salloum, is a farmer and his mother, malake Hajj, is a professor of Arabic at the College of Antoura. “My mother played a big role in my life, she is” everything “, Pygmalion who advised me, guided and directed me in my school, college and career.” George studied at the School of the Rosary Sisters in Kornet el Hamra, which is a few meters from the house. His Secondary school, he studied in Beit Shabab, at College of Lebanon of the Maronite order affiliated to the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, where he excelled in Arabic language and poetry, impressed by Father Dr. Youssef Mouannes who played Saint Charbel in the film of the sixties. When he had to choose his path after his military service and his graduation from high school in the philosophy section, he will think only about becoming a lawyer, “I did not want to do anything else.” So he registered in the Faculty of Law at the Lebanese University in Jal el Dib in 1982 and obtained his law degree. He began his training at the law cabinet of lawyer Assaad Estephan where he immersed himself in the rigor of his ethics, his professionalism and his boundless love for the profession. The same year (1982) he joined with friends in the Association of former students of the Faculty of Law and Political Science at UL he will be the president in 1995.


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Eliane and Georges Jreij with their children: Christian, Marie-Elie and Joseph.

He was reelected in 1997, the year of his marriage with lawyer Eliane Abboud Al Noufeili (from Mtayleb).He has three children: Christian, Marie-Elie and Joseph. “I knew the father of Eliane, I met her the first time at the association where she came to register. A friendship was born between us, evolving to become conviction and union for life. ” Meanwhile, he became a barrister (1986), Manager in a cabinet that now includes 14 lawyers in Beit el Chaar premises. Devoted Kataeb militant, party which he joined in 1976, he became a member of the Politburo in 1997 and continued until 2013, when he resigned to run for the election of the President of the Bar of Beirut, strong in his faith, his will and his love for the public action. The political choice and the fortunate combination of circumstances have certainly contributed to the success of the man who is certainly with a strong experience in trade union work for nine years: chairman of the Commission on the defense of civil liberties and Human Rights (2005), member of the Council of the Bar of Beirut (2006 and 2009) and chairman of the Table Stage, Head of the Library (2009-2010) and Treasurer of the Law Society (2010). In his range of activities and accomplishments: speaker, polemicist, author of studies (including one very well known on corruption) Legal adviser to President Amine Gemayel, a member of his delegation to Doha conference (2007), signing the cooperation agreement between the Bar and Sader Publishers, creating “The legal portal” special program of electronic legal data, and, and …

Photo 4 Georges Jreij

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The day of his election as barrister, in the presence of President Amin Gemayel, Minister Ramzi Jreij and outgoing barrister Nohad Jabre.

Would he go into politics? “Politics is not a goal for me.” Does he believe he had achieved his ambition? “Yes.” How does he perceive success? “Joy and responsibility.” What are the keys to success? “Authenticity, honesty, perseverance, commitment and a favorable combination of circumstances.” How does he describe himself? “I am a positive person … God gave me this grace.” His motto sentence? “Serious and follow-up at work.” A happy conclusion? “The loyalty of my friends in the elections.” Who were the heroes of his childhood? “There is a hero, that is my mother. She was and remains a role model for my brothers, my sisters and me. Her hard life, she devoted it to our education and our learning, so we gave her as an example in the region. My mother is an exceptional person who is behind the success of our family. ” A vivid memory of his youth? “The harvest times. The gathering of the grapes of our vineyards and getting juice in September gave me great pleasure. We had a great press, I was a happy harvester. ” What he considers to be the essence of happiness? “Settling for what we have. Eliane and I loved our children, their discipline and their academic success; they are our joy and our fortune. ” And love? “The renewal, life, happiness. Love should be happy. ” Who is the woman of his life? “My wife Eliane, a nice and understanding woman who watches over our children and our study. Admirable! “What advice he gives to young people entering the profession? “To have good reputation. Honesty pays, loyalty towards the customer and diligence in the work are necessary. ” What does it take to be a good lawyer? “First of all love your work, be passionate. I have not yet met a serious lawyer who does not work or does not make a good living. Also, one must be clever to find adequate legal solutions, the legislation is the tool, the instrument to serve the interests of the client. ” His hobbies? “Playing ping-pong and making trips.” If he had to go to a desert island, what would he take with him?«My dreams».


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 With his mother Malake el-Hajj Jreij.

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