Dior Addict EDT

Prestige issue 252, July 2014

The House of Dior always knew how to dream. Dreaming of women and their beauty, pleasure and freedom. It is a desire of joy, youth and daring, creative bound that establishes the identity of Dior. Marked by this legacy, Dior Addict adds a new chapter to its universe, an Eau de Toilette with immediate charm, spicy and subtle at the same time, a snapshot of sophisticated freshness, attractive, inspired by the sweet Eau de Parfum. Composed by François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, the new Eau de Toilette is a floral-fruity-woody that sparkles with elegance.  As a Head fragrance the Mandarin Sicily hangs with cheerfulness, with its tone both citrus and fruity, acidic and round. White flowers, jasmine, Sambac and Tunisian Neroli, then mixed with a sensual woody base and subtle Essence of Sandalwood with a hint of vanilla. More “Addict”, the bright and vibrant bottle. Its silhouette is iconic and the famous metallic cap, a gesture of eternal perfume.


© Parfums Christian Dior

Making of

History of femininity Dior

In the dream setting of a magnificent castle, the icons of the New York underground encounter the Dior dream. The director Harmony Korine and the photographer Ryan McGinley, two major artists and visionaries gathered for Dior Addict. They captured the image of a Dior heroin, Sasha Luss, free and sexy, capturing the beauty of her youth, her smiles and her adventure. A day dream in a fantastic garden. Each in its own way, they made Dior Addict a playground and the genesis of a dream. Harmony Korine impresses by his film Mastering and unclassifiable beauty of this ballad with strong, planning and fascinating images. For Ryan McGinley, the Dior woman is strong and free. Thus he captured the sensuality of the new Dior Addict heroin, a sexy Sasha Luss playing the devil, that he chose to denude with mischief and sophistication. Images are crazy, diving in a hallucinatory dream. Her initiatory journey prompts her to pounce, to cross the mirrors. Gracious adventurer, queen in her kingdom, she twirls, draped in a flowery brocade. Customized beauty, bare shoulders, hieratic and untied, she tirelessly explores the intricacies of a sensational dream.

Dior Addict 2

© Parfums Christian Dior

Fatale for a time glance, Sasha is immersed in the wonderland of Dior Addict, initiation to sensations.
Dior Addict 5
Dior Addict Flacon de parfum

 © Parfums Christian Dior


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