Dior One Essential

 Prestige issue 251, June 2014

Twenty years of pioneering research on cellular detoxification inspired by a discovery rewarded with a Nobel Prize, enable the Science Dior to enrich One Essential with a new formula with unprecedented performance. First detoxifying and energizing serum, essential for glowing and intensely regenerated skin, One Essential initiates a saving cosmetic gesture: Dior Daily Detox that is addressed to all women.

Dior One Essential 1

© Christian Dior Parfums

Cosmetic treasure, the Dior Garden of Burkina Faso dedicated to Hibiscus Sabdariffa or Bissap, with exceptional detoxifying power, is located in the heart of the Ecological and cultural Site of Koro, an area of 120 hectares comprising nearly 190 plant species. Seven billion of pernicious and invisible toxins, consisting of agglomerates of oxidized proteins are formed daily in the skin and accumulate in response to the aggression of a harmful agent on cells. Blocking the regeneration of the skin and altering its brightness, they may be exogenous, caused by an external agent such as UV, pollution, urban conditions, or endogenous, linked to internal factors such as stress, fatigue, unhealthy lifestyle. Over time, these damaged proteins become true cellular toxins and decrease cell regeneration. The skin suffocates. The new formula of Dior One Essential is the fundamental gesture daily to fight against this process and find a light skin. Enriched by extract of red Hibiscus from the Dior garden, One Essential releases the skin of 100% of toxins identified at the heart of the cells, via its action on the proteasome and the Lon Protease, at the “lung” of the skin cell, mitochondria. One Essential New Generation offers a three-dimensional power that detoxifies and energizes, eliminating toxins continuously, regenerates by optimizing the original functioning of cells and boosts by multiplying the efficiency of the assets of usual care. The skin becomes smooth and soft, without oily or tightening effect. And finally, the preference of the designer for red, sets the tone for the bottle One Essential sewn with red thread color of life, energy and passion.

Dior One Essential 2 Dior One Essential 4

© Christian Dior Parfums

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