Trends according to your holiday

Prestige issue 252-253, July-August 2014

Before each holiday, packing problem can be a real challenge. For summer vacation you should take comfortable clothes, and yet fashionable and with accessories. Based on your destination, the activities you planned, the environment, climate and customs of the place should be important elements you need to consider which could also make your job easier. Follow a few tips to know what to pack for your summer vacation.

A rickshaw on a beach in Bangladesh If you are planning a relaxing holiday this summer to forget the stress of your daily life, you will definitely need a comfortable and feminine wardrobe to take with you. A sandy beach, a turquoise sea, a refreshing cocktail are the only things in your mind. However, your first concern before leaving should be how to prepare an additional wardrobe for you to enjoy the most of a similar atmosphere. Comfortable clothing, maxi dresses, short dresses, swimsuit, a few pairs of jeans, t-shirts and shorts are basic essential items you should pack for summer vacation. Choose natural fabrics for your pants and blouses, such as linen, cotton or silk, and neutral colors like beige, black, gray, brown, white and blue. Do not forget the accessories, bags, scarves, hats, sunglasses could help you freshen up any outfit. Large handbags are the right choice. However, before choosing what to pack in your suitcase, you need to obtain information on the climate of the place. Also take a cardigan, a blazer or a leather jacket as the weather can be very unpredictable. Vacances , des robes parfaites pour les soirées de plage Perfect dresses for beach parties

Comfortable shoes Regardless of the destination you pick, there are probably a lot of walking distances to visit all the places. Try to bring two pairs of comfortable shoes, already worn or sandals. Avoid taking with you new shoes you have no idea if they are comfortable or not. One of them must have a thicker sole. Also, you should put more stylish shoes in case you need to go to a party or just for dinner in a fancy restaurant. To the beach, flip flops are perfect. • Denim is one of the most versatile trends during the holidays and it is a trend for this summer. As a result, you can take with you various articles of clothing in denim: two pairs of jeans, one black and one blue, short that you can wear to the beach, a denim skirt that you can wear for a night out if you put a chic blouse with, a jacket or over shirt in jeans that you can wear with a simple t-shirt for any occasion. • The summer dress is probably the basic element of a package for vacation. Made from light fabrics, it is both comfortable and feminine. You can go for a maxi or a short, with prints or a single color. Coordinate your summer dress with sandals, a straw handbag and bracelets with big stones. For an evening dress you can wear it with a cardigan or a denim jacket. • To protect against the harmful rays of the sun, do not forget to take a straw hat. This way, you will not only protect your face, but also your hair that can be severely damaged by the sun. • T-shirts are essential, especially during the summer holidays. They are comfortable and very easy to match. If you choose to wear a printed t-shirt, try to keep the rest of your outfit simple. If your destination is Europe, here are some ideas of styles that you can consider: For most part of Europe there is not really a dress code. Except that there must be waterproof clothes and a little hot because the weather is unpredictable and temperatures can fall without notice. Especially if you are in Northern Europe. A trip to Croatia is likely to involve enjoying fabulous beaches, so wear bikinis and lots of light and casual dresses for sunny day … The same applies to almost everywhere in the regions of the Mediterranean … Paris is well known as the home of Parisian Haute Couture and women dress with style. In Lisbon and other major cities such as Porto, people dress in an elegant and sober style … The Spanish really care about their personal appearance and their image even if it is just for daily purchases, the preppy style reigns … The Swedish people (women and men) are for elegant and effortless fashion. Feel free to be glamorous and elegant in Italy. Be more formal and chic in Austria, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Opt for casual and sober clothes for sightseeing and eating out in the Czech Republic and Hungary for a bike ride around a flue in Amsterdam … Be casual and chic in London and do not forget your most feminine accessories forTurkey …. Have fun with style during your vacation.

tout simplement une robe en denim A simple denim dress Chic et glamoureuse à la plage  ete 2014 Chic and glamorous on the beach

Some ideas for your hair accessories There it is: the bikini of your dreams is tidy in the suitcase between a tube of sunscreen, a light dress and a beach towel. To complete your outfit on the sand or the poolside, it only remains for you to choose hats and head jewelry trends for summer 2014.

The most fashionable: the headband

The headband is a kind of band more or less fine and / or decorated. They come in all colors and materials for different styles. At the beach, we love the headband for its bohemian and practical side. Indeed, it can quickly create a sophisticated hairstyle with dry or wet hair.

The most sportswear: visor

The visor is up to those who were young in the 80s and 90s, the era of leggings, jackets and other neon accessories. This summer, we find the visor as the official headgear of keen on fashion. In 2014, the visor is a pop head accessory, that we love in plastic pink, blue, yellow or translucent coral. For protection against high heat, we prefer however the cap.

The most elegant: Sunbonnet

The cape is a stylish beach hat with a wide brim. In Straw or light fabric, the cape is particularly well with a swimsuit or a vintage piece strapless bikini for a glamorous look from head to feet. Practical, it allows reading on the beach without being bothered by the sun’s rays and protects the upper body well. Choose your cape rather in light color, to avoid the sun tapping on your head.

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