Prestige Watches Guide July-August 2014

The watchmaking spring…

Dressage L’Heure masquée HERMES


© Hermès

The hour hand remains hidden beneath the constantly moving minute hand, solely appearing at a deliberate press on a crown-integrated pushbutton. It vanishes as soon as the pressure is released – as too does the dual-time window display caught up in the same game of hide and seek.

Génie 02 Air BREVA


© Breva

Mechanical timepiece with a fully functional high-performance altimeter. Hours and minutes subdial at 8h, precision altimeter subdial displaying meters (or feet) at 2h, large-scale altitude indicator on the top of the dial.

Admiral’s Cup AC -One 45 Tides CORUM

Admiral's cup

© Corum

Mechanical self-winding movement indicating the time and strength of the tides, the lunar cycle, as well as the strength of the currents and the height of the tides. Titanium case.

Meridiist Infinite TAG HEUER


© Tag Heuer

The world’s first perpetual power reserve. An invisible photovoltaic component built into the sapphire crystal screen produces enough electricity under certain natural or artificial light sources to charge the phone. For the first time, a communication instrument can maintain the charge level of its battery in standby mode. Limited edition of 1911.

Classic Fusion Tourbillon Firmament HUBLOT


© Hublot

A world first. The dial of this hand-wound skeleton Tourbillon watch is made from osmium crystal – osmium being the densest, heaviest and rarest metal on our planet.



© Claret

Wristwatch equipped with a traditional detent escapement, a mechanism usually designed to run in a perfectly stabilized position. Cylindrical balance-spring, anti-over-banking security device (balance wheel oscillating with excess amplitude).


Maurice Lacroix

© Maurice Lacroix

First watch equipped with an assortment – balance roller, lever and escapement wheel – entirely made of silicon. Three times lighter than steel, this material is also more accurate, less energy-hungry and requires no lubricant.

Ulysse Anchor Escarpment ULYSSE NARDIN


© Ulysse Nardin

The silicon device, based on the principle of flexible materials, uses the elasticity of blade springs to dispense with the pivot of the pallet arms leaving them literally suspended in space. The revolutionary «flying anchor» required seven years of research, development and improvements with Sigatec, a co-owned company specialized in silicon micro-components.


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