Prestige issue 254, September 2014

A glass lift opens to travel vertically up in the seasons, thus passing from summer to winter. The lift is that of a large palace dedicated to shopping and elegant style in the heart of Milan: the Brian & Barry Building, modern and young in its structure and in its slender steel beams supporting it from the inside. Jacob Abrian the first top model of Lebanese origins starts his journey young and dynamic, a man whom we imagine for the coming season, a man who lives in the city at several levels. For the day, practical wear of luxury quality that is combined with the most fashionable technology; a lunch break at the terrace of 12th floor overlooking the Italian fashion quadrilateral, observing down on the streets the movements of the shopping revelers, and finally dressing up for an Italian elegant event with a sartorial high-end classical suit. A man ready for all occasions.


© Casa Italiana Del Lusso

Business Elegance.
Lardini suit,
Orciani belt,
Brian & Barry
shirt and tie,
Audemars Piguet watch.

© Casa Italiana Del Lusso

Luxury Casual.
Collina cardigan.
RRL jeans.
Bevilacqua shirt and papillon
A Meneghetti belt

© Casa Italiana Del Lusso

Sportive Young Look.
Drew & Co varsity,
Polo Ralph Lauren sweater, Scarti LAB pants,
New Balance shoes,
DMD helmet,
Marshall headphones,
Oakley sunglasses.

© Casa Italiana Del Lusso

Sport Chic.
Stewart jacket,
Drumhor knitwear, Incotex pants,
Tricker’s shoes,
Brian & Barry bag.

© Casa Italiana Del Lusso

Classical Charm.
Caruso suit, Orciani belt,
Denis Frison shirt,
Brian & Barry papillon, Church’s shoes,
Zancan bracelet, ring and twins,
 Audemars Piguet watch.

Model: Jacob Abrian

Creative Director: Mary Dell’Edera

Produced by: Casa Italiana Del Lusso

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