Prestige issue 254, September 2014

Youth and refinement of style

Who said that the Lebanese youth is running out of creativity? Every person is a universe worth to be revealed. However, that of the young Lebanese designer Sigrid Freiha augurs a bright and promising future. Dynamic, persistent and determined to carry out her plans developed in every detail, she launched in Beirut, her first Haute Couture Fall-Winter collection, armed with great ambitions and an unwavering passion for the profession. With great joy, she confides to Prestige.


© Archives Sigrid Freiha

 Sigrid Freiha designer of Haute Couture.

Who is Sigrid Freiha? Why did you choose this profession? I am the youngest of a family of three children. I grew up with my father, agent of textile factories for curtains and upholstery, and I had an early passion for fabrics, for the material and color matching. I had the curiosity to learn to recognize the texture and I even created beautiful small pieces. With a degree in hotel management from NDU in hand, I traveled to Milan and studied fashion at the Istituto Marangoni. I am an ambitious, stubborn and determined person, to go all the way in my projects that I plan meticulously.

Soon you start your first Fall-Winter 2014-2015 collection … I have encountered many difficulties in preparing the collection. Photo session has already been made. The pieces will be exhibited during the launch to be held on September 11 at the rooftop of Gardel, in Gemmayzeh.

To which category you design your creations? How do you define your style? My pieces are for all women looking for a refined, delicate and youthful style, while allowing a look a bit “malicious”. My style is classic with a twist of “madness.” During the making process, I work the rough fabric, introducing all kinds of stones. As for the colors, I chose for this first collection, the lees of red wine, golden, black, sea green and mustard. A wedding dress will crown the collection.

How does Sigrid see the wedding dress? The bride of Sigrid is extremely feminine. A mermaid cut highlights the lace dress encrusted with Swarovski crystal daisies and pearls. Drawn and painted by hand, the veil is embroidered with flowers, turn splinters and stones.

And fashion, for Sigrid … Fashion is a confidence mixed with a lifestyle that appeals and embraces a maximum of opinions.

Are you capable of being a rebellious stylist if the outline of fashion doesn’t please you? Although a number of criteria are defined and set out to be followed, nothing prevents a designer to have his own aspirations and assert his or her personal style. Alexander McQueen, for example, has a style apart, extraordinary. Personally, I respect a fixed rate.


© Archives Sigrid Freiha

 Red Dress mermaid cut, the shoulder revealing the lower part of the spine.

Do you remember the first piece you made​​? Of course, two years ago, I made ​​up the wedding dress of my sister, from A to Z. It was my first piece, but in fact it was not unique. There were four dresses. The one of the bride and for witnesses, as we were two, and the dress of my mother. My sister had long sought the dress of her dreams in vain. What was her surprise to see the sketches I had done for her and that were according to her wishes. The dress was in lace as well as the veil, in the Spanish style.

Where do you draw your inspiration? My source of inspiration is vast and deep, in general. These are concrete ideas, mine, however small they may be. The white wall inspires me, the little details found in nature, leaves, stones … For my first collection, I found my inspiration in the human body, spine and spinal cord, establishing a relationship between the forms and the bones. It is a world that no stylist never addressed until today and introduced into his creations.

What are, according to you the success criteria of a stylist? In my opinion, the success of a fashion designer depends on a number of factors. First comes the real and serious study of the market demand. Followed by the total and definitive renunciation of plagiarism, because the success of the designer lies in the assertion of personal taste, of his own taste set on each piece created. Then follows the selection of the specific fabric, to be ideally suited for each dress. And finally, the most important criteria for success, in my opinion, is the beautiful mix of colors.


© Archives Sigrid Freiha

Mustard dress with precious stones inserts on the indented side.

What fabrics and materials you prefer in your confections? I think the best of the best is still lace, which is an extremely delicate fabric that requires prowess in its making. I also favor chiffon.

And which materials you don’t like to use? Personally, I consider that there are no disadvantaged materials in couture. What matters is how this material is introduced, and who will put it in value.

How do you balance creativity and business aspects? For me, creativity is an integral part of my business. This daily research done and the fun of creating make my business.

What advice do you give to the Lebanese woman? Lebanese Woman is one of the few women in the world to have such a delicate and refined taste. Connoisseur of fashion and fabrics, she knows perfectly to distinguish couture pieces. Why you have to be very frank with her because nothing passes under her nose. Interview by Mireille Bridi Bouabjian


© Archives Sigrid Freiha

 black chiffon pleated dress. The sleeve is shaped as a spine and corset is embroidered with precious stones and braid.

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