Dior Prestige Nuit

Prestige issue 255, October 2014

A new beauty blooms

from the first night

Dior has managed to reveal the link between insufficient sleep and accelerated aging of the skin. With this discovery, its researchers have wanted to create a night cream targeted for delicate skin. They have highlighted the power of buds first outbreak of the Rose of Granville. A new clip infused into a vector exclusive penetration has spawned the ritual night Dior Prestige. The limits of night skin regeneration have been rejected, repair signs of age is faster, more intense, more profound. A new beauty blooms from the first night. Night after night, skin is visibly younger.

During the night, the skin repairs itself faster, harder and deeper. For the first time, the Science Dior reveals its role in skin aging. Building on the advances in medicine making the link between sleep and inflammation, it was found that the pro-inflammatory protein IL-6, particularly affected during sleep deprivation is an important messenger of micro-inflammatory cascades related to aging, altering the nocturnal regeneration of skin that ages faster. With the bud extract first outbreak of the Rose of Granville, the regenerative potential of the cells increases, and they will be set to function as young cells.

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