Ultimune Shiseido

Prestige issue 255, Octobre 2014

Ultimune begins a new era in cosmetics, it gives skin the power to resist, protect itself against agressions, regenerate and strengthen.


Bulgarian rosewater        © Shiseido                                                                                 B-glucan © Shiseido


Aqua-in-pool  © Shiseido

The synergy of these three ingredients stimulates the production of collagen, activates hydration and improves skin defense.

Ultimune, revolutionary product is the result of over twenty years of research on the immune system of the skin.  Shiseido and CBRC have proven that there is a direct link between the skin condition and emotion, and a skin problem could be caused or exacerbated by emotional stress. This led in 1993 to the so-called theory NICE (NeuroImmuno Cutaneous Endoctrine). The Nobel Prize was awarded in 2011 to three researchers in this field, the American Bruce Beutler, the French Jules Hoffmann and the Canadian Ralph Steinman. The role of Langerhans cells which protect the immunity of the skin decreases with external aggression, age and emotional stress. Ultimune strengthens the role of these cells to protect skin. It is used after cleaning and before the skin care products.


 Shiseido Ultimune. An ultra modern bottle with futuristic design.

© Shiseido

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