Yasmine Dabbous: Celebration of Cultures

Prestige issue 256, November 2014 

Yasmine Dabbous


© Archives Yasmine Dabbous

«From a simple hobby today Ethnic Tree is an artistic vocation.»

Tell us about your Ethnic Tree … Ethnic Tree is a line of handmade ethnic jewelry. Raw materials such as silver and vintage tribal ethnic fabric from trips I make in the areas from Guatemala to Vietnam. Once assembled, they are transformed into necklaces or brooches, unique pieces difficult to duplicate. To each, its history, according to the materials used from multiple different countries, the idea being to offer a unique assortment from several art schools. It is a celebration of cultures.

To whom your accessories are destined? My jewels are intended primarily for lovers of ethnic cultures and anyone who appreciates original jewelry pieces and tribal clothing.

How do you think you will develop your designs? The necklace and brooch are my first creations. Today, I make bracelets, rings and shawls and I intend to develop the line with creating clothes and items for interior decoration, but at a later stage. Besides, I have already made many paintings with a mixture of acrylic, ethnic fabric, silver and beads.

Where can we find your designs? On the website www.ethnictree.com and also in some shops in Beirut and all local exhibitions for designers, that I attend regularly.

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