Joanne Kamel: Fashion accessories

Prestige issue 260, March 2015 

Joanne Kamel

Varied and colorful collection

How long have you been in fashion accessories? I started three years ago, designing fashion accessories. A year after creating my first collection of cuffs, collars, belts, bags and mittens, I launched Happy Jee, my own line of accessories entirely made in Lebanon, has now become my passion.

What does Happy Jee mean? “Happy” is a word that conveys an attitude, a positive look, through fashion accessories. As for “Jee”, it refers to my nickname I dedicated specifically for my company. The combination of the two terms reflects a lifestyle I try to share with others so that they find pleasure in wearing my creations.


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What distinguishes your creations? My creations are unique and diverse. The collections are very colorful and capable of satisfying all tastes. Even if the models are very varied, the Happy Jee style is unique and easily identifiable and recognizable. In addition, Happy Jee accessories are suitable for all women, from the most classic to the most eccentric.

Which shows do you participate in? The past two years, Happy Jee was present in different exhibitions in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. In 2013, the brand made its debut in Qatar, and now I am preparing to export Happy Jee to the UAE.

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«Happy Jee various models, a specific style.»

For more information: Facebook: Happy Jee

Instagram: happy jee

email: [email protected]

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