Dior Glossy Red

Prestige issue 261, April 2015

A presence. The gloss. A prism giving birth to color. Radiant. A history of light that began in 1981, when the first gloss of the Dior House was born signed Rouge Brillant. A brilliant feat, that turns upside down the regular codes of makeup.


© Christian Dior Parfums

New contemporary facet. More than a gloss, it’s also a modern care for a global beauty. With this new brilliance with ideal high standard, Rouge Dior gets to light and reveals a new facet of femininity. Don’t seek the perfect couture accomplice, its name is Rouge Dior Brillant. Real fusional liquid baume, Rouge Dior brillant puts care in the heart of the lips to make the color justly radiant. Adjusted by Peter Philips, Director of the creation and the image at Dior Makeup, the twelve tints Rouge Dior Brillant join couture expertise and contemporary glamour. Perfectly balanced in brilliance and intensity, they offer every woman the possibility to find its just tint. A range in complete accordance with the new tints of the gloss Rouge Dior, to create color and light on the lips. The perfection of a timeless palette 4 it-shades for 4 looks high in brilliance. The perfect and iconic red of the house is brilliant, realizing the dream of the designer who wanted «the most brilliant red, the most luminous, certainly resistant… as much as it takes».

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