This is where the fairy tale begins

Prestige issue 261, April 2015

A fairy tale you’ve embellished with gold thread since childhood. With patience and passion. A dream you’ve imagined populated with magic and love. One day you will be the undisputed queen, adorned with the finest accessories and draped in a spectacular dress to which all eyes converge. This dress means so much to you, it is your beautiful love story. It will be dazzling, translate your personality and speak the language of romance. Your bridesmaids will reflect the elegance and harmony, your reception will be adorned by sumptuous flowers and colors, your wedding cake will be the most exquisite element of your day. And then the photos. It is they who will reveal all your emotions to tell your story in an album you carefully keep for your children and grandchildren. Throughout its pages, you will remember the melody that carried you on the dance floor, you retain the image of your guests raising a toast to your happiness. And the event from the beginning until the early morning. Ideas that blur your mind! Wake up. Open your eyes. You have completed your preparations and realized your best dream. Everything is ready to celebrate your love. Grab hold of your husband hand and go together to a new beginning for two.

RS2 1697 © Prestige





Preserve the beauty of your dress

What happened to your beautiful dress? Grease stains, champagne, wine, how to get rid of these to revive this immaculate piece? Dry cleaning immediately after marriage should comfort you. New techniques will overcome this problem, not only to remove dirt but also to keep its original form. And extend your dream for a long time.

Chanel 72 Chanel Collection © Chanel GEORGES HOBEIKA Couture Spring-Summer look#43 Georges Hobeika Collection. © Georges Hobeika

















Reinvent Cinderella’s slipper

Whether you opt for sandals, leather shoes, in lace or fabric, your choice will affect the look of your dress and the way you walk on the wedding day. But think before in your comfort. Remember that a long day awaits you where you will be standing for long hours. Especially if you have decided to wear high heels. In that case why not wear another beautiful pair in the evening to dance all evening?

The language of flowers

What would be a wedding without flowers? These little wonders fill the atmosphere of radiant energy and divine beauty. Weddings and Flowers have always been inextricably linked to love. They always leave a lasting impression in the minds of those present. It is said that the petals littering the aisle to the altar wish the married couple a life of happiness and prosperity, while the petals thrown on the couple take away evil spirits. Nevertheless, what will attract attention is undoubtedly your bouquet, this true piece of art that will enhance the splendor of your dress and your beauty. Think however to choose flowers with delicate aromas and those that will not stain your dress. Customize every aspect and every detail of this sacred day. Because error will not be tolerated.

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The talents of the caterer

Delight your guests with original ideas that take shape at the discretion of the chief artistic taste that will add a personal touch to your reception. The world of gastronomy today is filled with tasty fantasies, inventive dishes and extravagant desserts. We have been experiencing for some time the fusion of art, imagination and culinary expertise to create wonderful visual and taste sensations. Every detail adds a little magic to this wonderful day of happiness.

1 (1) Marriage of Alexandre and Manal Bassim © Prestige



Customize the atmosphere

Imagine while planning the decor of the reception hall, how would the centerpieces be seen by the guests upon entry, then what effect they give the atmosphere around the table and among the seated guests. Harmony and charm offer a divine impression and a unique taste. Attention to detail leads to perfection, and that’s what you want. Consider the size of the room for the lighting effect. Set the mood with candles. Lighting is an important element. Discuss it with the event planner, this specialist trustworthy is responsible for the success of your marriage. Have fun and enjoy these moments.


A_1771 Marriage of Robert and Pearl Maalouf. © Prestige


The wedding cake

This is the sweetest element of the day. With its refined and attractive presentation, the cake will reflect your personality. Learn to select a cake related to the wedding elements, and let go your imagination. You can use colored decorations that evoke your dress or your invitation cards as well as your cutlery. Remember to include flowers to celebrate the season of your wedding, the key is to ensure harmony in relation to the whole event. Cupcakes, chic and fashionable, become the masterpiece treats. Presented on multi level trays and decorated with flowers reminding of the cake, they often accompany the traditional wedding cake.

T & R (1445) Tony and Rachel Tabbah. © Prestige


The last part of this day in white

After a day of emotions and fatigue, orient yourself to spend your wedding night in a hotel near the reception venue, and why not at the hotel where you celebrate your wedding. Be demanding. This is your day. Pamper yourself. Request a beautiful room decor, roses on your bed, chocolates with heart shapes with your initials … Prepare yourself physically before the day that your first night is completely successful as you wish. Keep your sex appeal to those unique moments that made you dream since childhood. Plan ahead a relaxing program. During the reception avoid making all guests fill your glass. Take a sip to never leave your glass empty.

Once in the bridal chamber

Moment of big intimacy. Your expectations are certainly great and your emotions even greater. Your mind is scrambled and you live in a whole new world and somewhat strange. The wedding night meant the loss of virginity … Less nowadays. To avoid disappointment, discuss with your partner to limit your expectations regarding this so awaited night and avoid unexpected facts that would transform the wedding night in a night like any other. This is the time to evacuate the stress of recent months, the last weeks or the last hours. You are both exhausted and you prefer probably to rest in the arms of Morpheus instead of those of the partner.

If you’re really tired, do not hesitate to give in to a nap to regain your strength. You will experience the magic of nuptials in the morning. You will find it even more magical.

Remember these tips


  • Do not abuse of alcohol, its effect decreases the libido, it also reduces erectile abilities.
  • Discuss and comment on that wonderful day with your man. A few minutes of tenderness often are better than bad sexual intercourse. Communication and transparency are essential during those intimate moments. Tell him without restraint what excites you, you form now one person. No place for modesty.
  • For your first night, opt for comfort, do not hold back if you want to stay in underwear or even naked. Leave aside your reservations and treat yourself to your spouse, he expects that of you, see you in the uniform of Eve to devour you. Be yourself, that’s what he loves in you.

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The union of hearts and bodies

In continuation of the wedding ceremony, your bodies melee take that night another dimension, beyond the sexual encounters of before. After the “yes I do” before God and men, it’s back to the absolute privacy. This is the feast of the body, the heart and soul simultaneously. Down with routine. No rule to ignite your bodies through all the sensual trails. Sacred and eroticism now combine all time. Because the bodies also seal their union. Proceed slowly and let fire go up from your sex organs and inflame your hearts and your senses. The slowness is of vital importance for the woman who needs tenderness and caresses to prepare for the pleasures of love. Start with kisses, lots of kisses, small and long then long and deep. Caresses will follow by themselves going through the two bodies slowly. Discover the contours and sensitive points. Then stop to tell soft and tender words, these are the words that will feed your desires. Whispering in his ear how you find him sensitive, sensual, desirable, you will make him crazy of you and guarantee your climb to seventh heaven. Stay romantic, natural, immerse your eyes in his, the desire will only be hotter. So and without effort, penetration happens in an atmosphere more erotic. Synchronize your orgasm and ejaculation of your man to get to ecstasy. However, stick to one another, do not separate from him, continue to caress and kiss him again and again. Carnal celebration is just beginning. Enjoy the excitement to extend this journey of love and start on the right foot a successful sex life. Good road.

Getting to know the other sex

It is undeniable that women and men are not alike. However, the curiosity to know the opposite sex is a big part of our unconscious.


  • The female sex organs are much more complex than those of men. These have only one sexual organ, penis, women have two, vagina and clitoris.


  • Did you know that men’s breast are as sensitive as those of women? But man tends to hide this sensitivity, pride oblige. But the male breasts do not take the volume of women during sexual arousal.


  • If man marks his excitement by the erection of his penis that is visible, the woman also has erectile organs but internal.


  • Man produces daily large amounts of sperm, while the woman starts her sex life with egg stock already established at puberty and generally emits a single menstrual cycle by about one lunar month and up to menopause.


Staying happy in couple,

This is something to learn


  • Make it a habit to start and finish your day with tender kisses between you two.


  • Smile often, invent a reason to do so. An affable face calls to serenity.


  • Talk often of your couple, as well as the day of your encounter, then marriage and your future projects. Communicate without tiring.


  • Learn to live the faults of your spouse, talk without arguing to make your relationship stronger.


  • Keep the respect between you and kindness. Get gifts beyond occasions, just to surprise.


  • Listen to him when he is angry, do not consider yourself guilty, it’s not necessarily your fault. Calm him with wise words.


  • Make concessions each to his own. The other will appreciate and will do so.


  • Surprise him by bringing him coffee and sweets in bed on weekends.


  • Call the other one at least once a day.


  • Tighten him in your arms, just to hug him.


  • Get a massage to release your stress.


  • Listen to all your favorite music.


Are you ready

to become a mom?


Festivities and wedding celebrations are already from the past, the honeymoon is perfectly successful. Your couple life is indulged in happiness. It is normal that you think about starting a family. Is not this the culmination and purpose of marriage? The questions begin to rocket. And doubt is on its way. Will I have a healthy baby? A girl? A boy? Will I live up to the responsibilities? Becoming a mother is a turning point in the life of a woman. And you spend sleepless nights dreaming of the baby’s arrival. The day you decide with your spouse to make a baby, would you be willing to stop smoking and escape the unsuitable foods during pregnancy? As many issues that torture! Do not worry, dear, few moms who have not gone through this set of questions. While with your husband, such concerns arise more with the birth of the baby. When baby arrives, you’ll see that many gestures you will come naturally and instinctively, it is nature that has so decided. All the world’s mothers take the same path. You will adapt to the situation with pleasure and love, and please note that to doubt yourself is certainly not related to your inability to become a mother, it’s just the unknown that worries you, which is perfectly normal.

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