Jihan Alama: Jewelry Designer

model wearing silver-gold plated collection + model wearing djihan one of kind design named unlock my heart collection

Model wearing silver-gold plated collection + model wearing djihan one of a kind design named unlock my heart collection. © Djihan

You started your jewelry brand 10 years ago, today the competition is hard, how do you manage to face it?

We’re producing new designs, new techniques to be competing with others, we do not imitate, I prefer to be inspired rather than to be imitating others. We aim to have our own independent vision, not to be victims of big brands, but to have our own identity and spirit.

Designer jihan alama (2)

Designer Jihan Alama. © Djihan

You have participated in European exhibitions, did this help to spread the brand outside Lebanon?

Of course, it helped. You always need to be among other brands to exist, otherwise you will not develop. You need to know what’s going outside of events and new creations.

Lately Djihan is available in Dubai in Rivoli chain boutiques, which display high-end niche products in seven hotels in Dubai.

Do you create the piece from A to Z, following the whole process: Design, execution at the workshop, display at the boutique etc…

I have my team, I am specialized in the design and the production, and to follow new trends outside to maintain the same level of production.

model wearing Djihan bonbon collection

Model wearing Djihan bonbon collection. © Djihan

What is your source of inspiration?

Everything. Being inspired depends on your status. Once I’m sitting alone in a calm atmosphere, concentrating, going deeper in my world. Interruption will always create confusion. I have to be able to focus on the details: the stones I want to use, mixing of gold and stones.

Lately you started realizing items in silver and stainless steel, do you wish to reach a larger public?

Yes I do and I did. I’ve been working on this line more than 4 years ago. I am the first one in the Middle East among the jewelers. I wanted to reach the people who cannot afford high-end jewelry.

Model wearing Djihan bonbon earring with Jade huge pendant sated with rubby and precious stones with 18krt gold

Model wearing Djihan bonbon earring with jade huge pendant sated with ruby and precious stones with 18 k gold. © Djihan


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