Prestige issue 263, June 2015

New volume with added eyelashes effect inspired from Backstage


© Christian Dior Parfums

The new formula Diorshow optically reproduces the effect of added eyelashes used by professionals in Backstage. Enriched with new Microfibers, midsize, with curved and full shape, it sits between the eyelashes to densify the fringe naturally and without the «package» effect. The look gains in volume and intensity: the hyper flexible wax texture coats the lashes until obtaining the desired volume. To optimize the application of mascara to the lashes and provide a care action, Diorshow formula has been enriched with a protective ingredient: the Sericin, an isolated protein of silk, real conditioner that helps to form a Protective Film on the lashes, making them smooth and contributing to a uniform application of mascara over the entire length. Its care action makes lashes smoother for a coating, and an increasingly spectacular volume. And because the drying of the formula in time is the main source of women’s dissatisfaction with their mascara, Dior offers the new wiper patented «AIR-LOCKTM», a revolutionary packaging capable of preserving the freshness of the formula.


© Christian Dior Parfums

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