Discovering the Lebanese mountain

Prestige issue 263, June 2015

Ecotourism with the first hiking trail


Jean-Pierre Cressot is a loyal hiker of LMTA and passionate of hiking. © Archives Jean-Pierre Cressot

For the seventh consecutive year, The Lebanon Mountain Trail Association, LMTA, organized its Thru-Walk of April. First hiking trail in all the Arab world, spreading over 470 km, from Andqet in the North of the country until Marjaayoun in the South, the Lebanon Mountain Trail meanders through the forests, mountains and valleys of Lebanon, and offers a unique view of the natural beauty and forgotten archeological and cultural treasures of the country. This year, the event, under the patronage of the ministry of Tourism, was launched in Andqet where a group of hikers participated to this trail with the theme of cultural and archeological heritage of Lebanon. The goals of LMTA aim to preserve and protect the outlined trail from environmental violations perpetrated, and to encourage responsible ecotourism that contributes to economical development in the Lebanese rural zones. The time spent in villages and money spent by hikers and tourists who stay in the guest-houses are factors of the plan of LMTA development, established in coordination with different municipalities. More than a trail, LMT is a project of sustainable development and ecotourism and a touristic destination more and more valued including a program and a detailed  varied calendar of activities, spread over 31 days.


© Archives Jean-Pierre Cressot

The crossing from Andqet to Marjaayoun Includes 27 sections, From 12 to 24 kms.

Each section requires seven hours of walking per day.

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