Prestige issue 263, June 2015

Make the right choice!

Discover valuable tips for choosing your perfect sunglasses, depending on your body type. Round face, short hair and cheekbones: to each her pair of trendy sunglasses! Avoid choosing them only according to the face shape. We must go further! It is essential to consider the color and haircut, as well as the curve of the lips. «We must think harmony rather than blow of heart!»

Lunettes passe partout

Sunglasses for all occasions. © Archives Raschad Arabi

Sunglasses should be perceived primarily as an ornament.

Their main purpose? Highlight your personality.

The study of the volumes

When the hair is very short, the glasses have a huge  importance. We must therefore select a rather small size. Branches should be thin for not being visual impairment!

Little face? Opt for round sunglasses, little prominent. Beware of too big spectacles that literally eat your face! You have high cheekbones? Avoid the model that descends on the face too!

Lips, an unsuspected detail key!

Wearing sunglasses makes us attractive. As they mask the look, we focus more strongly on the details of a mouth! If you have irregular or drooping lips, choose rather original or colorful sunglasses to attract attention on another detail that your little flaw!

tendance must have pour cet été -ornement sur les montures


Must-have trend for this summer, ornament on frames. © Archives Raschad Arabi

Determine the geometric shape of your face

Pull your hair back and look at the shape of your face in the mirror. There are seven basic face shapes: round, oval, triangular of the lower base, triangular of the upper base, rectangular, square and diamond. If you have trouble recognizing your face type, find a portrait photo of yourself. Trace around it with a marker, and you will determine the type of your face.

Round face

A round face has curved lines, without angles, width and length have the same proportions.

Which frame? A narrow and angular frame will help you expand and narrow your face, while a clear bridge will widen your eyes. Accentuate your type with rounded shapes or correct it with geometric shapes, angular and drawn.

Marc Jacobs - lunettes été 2015

Sunglasses Marc by Marc Jacobs. © Archives Raschad Arabi

Oval face

An oval face is often considered the ideal shape because of its balanced proportions. It is also the most common type of face.

Which frame? You can afford all Eyewear styles, from classic to cheeky. Observe still some harmony with your personality. The round glasses will give you a youthful air, rectangular glasses accentuate the dynamism, the character…

Triangular face of the lower base

The triangular face of the lower base has a narrow forehead and widens at the area of ​​the cheeks and chin.

Which frame? To add width and emphasize the upper third of your face, choose frames that are heavily accented with color and detailing on the top half of the face.

Triangular face of the upper base

The triangular face of the upper base has a wide front and often long eyebrows; it narrows on the chin.

Which frame? To minimize the width of the top of the face, try frames that are wider at the bottom edge without bright colors and made of lightweight materials. Pierced frames suit very well usually.

In all cases, prefer discreet frames, light colored or pastel rather rounded and not thick. Avoid anything that is strict and geometrical too imposing frames and butterfly shape. Do not accentuate the point effect by choosing glasses that descend lower than your cheekbones.

Lunettes solaire -cateye- 2015lunettes solaire- papillon- tendance 2015

Sunglasses cat-eye                                          Sunglasses butterfly © Archives Raschad Arabi

Rectangular or elongated face

This type of face is longer than it is wide and sometimes has a long nose.

Which frame? To have a shorter and more balanced face, try decorated or contrasting frames that add width to the face, or have a low bridge to shorten the nose.

You can choose to expand your face with oval quite large frames, the «cat-eye» style or «butterfly» suits you usually fine. Avoid excessively rectangular shapes, which can harden your face. If you have the end face, avoid the too thick or massive glasses.

Square face

A square face has a line of strong jaw and a wide front, the width and length have equal proportions.

Which frame? You can emphasize your personality with geometric shapes (avoid all the same square shape) or soften it with oval shapes with soft lines.

If you choose to soften the angles, try narrow frames styles or oval, round frames made of light metal, for example. Ensure that the width of the glasses is smaller than the face.

For men, it is advisable to turn to an angular shape that will accentuate the muscular appearance of the face. But for women, a more rounded shape softens her features.

Diamond Face

Diamond Shaped, these faces are narrow line of the eye and jaw, and wide cheekbones. This is the rarest form of face.

Which frame? Try small frames in geometric or oval shapes to minimize the horizontal distance between your temples. Choose a model a little wider than your cheekbones, with curved lines. The forms «cat-eye» or flickering, for example, very trendy in 2015 will suit you very well!

la mode 70 meme pour les lunettes - lunettes monture en bois

70’s Fashion even for glasses. © Archives Raschad Arabi

Consider also the other elements of your face

  • The complexion of your face

In general, it is preferable to select a frame color that contrasts with the color of your complexion. People with fair skin or light will often choose dark glasses but it is not a rule.

Clear skin

You can turn to the iridescent black, plum, magenta, purple … Choosing bright colors will enhance your features and give you good looks.

The red skin

If you are red, be aware that the green color will suit you very well.

Matt or dark skin

Bright or dark colors work well for dull complexions and dark hair. The darker skin tones are often highlighted by silver, gold or clear frames, bright colors are intensified on a dull skin. Patterned branches can also give a nice effect on darker skin.

  • Eyebrows

If there is only one rule to follow, it is this one! Make sure the top of the frame falls just below your eyebrows. Essential part of your personality, eyebrows are the lines of expression, and it would be a shame to hide them. Moreover, it may be very naughty!

For a harmonious appearance, frames that are curved on top should follow the line of the eyebrows as closely as possible without interrupting it. If you have straight eyebrows, better to avoid the rounded shapes.

  • The distance between the eyes

If you have the eyes rather wide apart, choose a dark color for the bridge, it will give the effect of bringing the eyes.

The bridge of a spectacle frame is the portion of the frame that connects the two lenses and comes on the nose.

Conversely, if your eyes are close together, choose a narrow bridge or light and avoid too wide eyeglass frames.

tendance été 2015 mais en fonction de votre type de visage.

Trend for summer 2015, but depending on your type of face. © Archives Raschad Arabi

  • The Nose

If you have a rather long nose, choose a low bridge or dark color, preferably a «saddle nose» which is a type of bridge with a very large surface area, this will have the effect of shortening it.

This is the reverse for a short nose, pick a high enough and light-colored bridge.

  • The size of the head

Choose small eyeglass frames if you have a rather small head. Make sure your glasses are not wider than the broadest part of your face.

Otherwise, if you have a large head, select wide eyeglass frames and avoid frames that «tighten» the face.

  • The color of your hair

The quick method and without risks to avoid mistakes when choosing the color of the glasses, is to match the frame of the glasses with the color of your hair. Warm tones for blonde hair, brown or red. Cold tones for gray and black hair or pepper and salt. All shades are possible with black hair.

Chanel monture jaune été 2015


Chanel yellow frame, summer 2015. © Archives Raschad Arabi

Finalize your choice!

To finalize your selection, choose the model that best follows the line of your eyebrows and make sure the bottom of your glass does not touch your cheeks when you smile. Know that without making a general rule it is best to choose a spectacle frame that improves facial contours.


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