Nancy El Fakih: Inspiration and emotion

Prestige issue 261, April 2015


Nancy El Fakih. © Archives Nancy El Fakih

Why did you choose fashion design? I am 20 years old and I am a student in fashion design at AUST. I am a self-taught artist in perpetual quest for knowledge, for in this area, we never tire of learning every day of our lives. The world of fashion was completely unknown to me at first. It was not a childhood dream or models of dresses or patterns that I drew. On the contrary, my entry into this world is the result of visual inspirations, and above all a deep passion for the arts. I love making portraits I run on command. This discipline gives me great freedom of ultimate expression.

What do you express through your work? My work reflects my personality. I like to be myself and true to myself in order to give creations emotionally charged. Fashion at this stage of my life is an extension, a personification through which I translate the perceived beauty. It’s a story that people have pleasure to feel and tell. My goal is to enter into communion with the public through creation.


© Archives Nancy El Fakih

Where do you get your inspiration from? Everything inspires me. I express myself through painting, a beautiful shape. My style is romantic. During a competition in which I participated, we had to garnish old clothes received as donations. My inspiration was “Zen”, or inner peace, the feeling of freedom and well being. Steeped in this atmosphere, I gave vent to my intuition. The result? A creation  with a soul, a free personality. The term “Zen is inner peace” in Chinese is on the neck of a garment.

Do you participate in exhibitions? In the past two years I have participated in the exhibition Beirut Designer’s Week in Zaitunay Bay. I also participated in the fashion show organized at AUST. At the 2014 edition of Beirut Designer’s Week, I crafted a “memory dress” to attract public attention and prove my commitment to him. The visitors have written their impressions on stickers that I glued to form a paper dress with its train.

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