Rajaa Habache: Innovation and Preservation

Prestige issue 257-258, Dec. 2014-Jan. 2015


Rajaa Habache. © Archives Rajaa Habache

Who is Rajaa Habash? I am the creator of the concept of jewelry and bags La Rose de Sim. I drew and created jewelry while I was still on the school benches, a true passion. Graduated in Business and Marketing, I had, like many of my compatriots, the nostalgia of old Lebanon. So I worked to revive the beauty and richness of this heritage, through this new concept, La Rose de Sim. This is a real awareness campaign to this legacy and endangered memories. This is how, from one creation to another, my concept took shape and pleased different countries, who asked me to apply it in their countries.

Tell us about La Rose de Sim… La Rose de Sim is a trademark of promising accessories, inspired by the Lebanese heritage. Creative crafts of bags in all sizes and jewels. In addition to the new craft created from beautiful materials and finely embroidered, La Rose de Sim wants to raise public awareness to the importance of the conservation of Lebanese heritage.


© Archives Rajaa Habache

How do you do that? We do this by creating bags inspired by vintage old photos of Lebanese landscapes, like the Pigeons Grotto in the 1900s, Gouraud Street and Place de l’Etoile in the 30s, and traditional Lebanese houses. Bags of different sizes and evening bags, inspired by various themes. La Rose de Sim is also a brand of jewelry accessories beautifully crafted. The pieces are gold-plated, set with semi-precious stones. Today, with pride, La Rose de Sim is present in Lebanon, but also in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and many other countries.


© Archives Rajaa Habache

For more information: Facebook: La rose de sim

Instagram: @larosedesim


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