Randa Choueiri Rizk: Perfect Finishing to please

Prestige issue 256, November 2014

Why did you choose jewelry? It was after a long experience,  twenty years ago, in the field of design that this choice has been refined. I also think it is quite natural that an artist chooses one day a trend, a taste or a style. In any case, having the gift of creating jewelry comes from an inspiration I had after experiencing, discovering and enjoying the perception that people showed vis-à-vis some personal creations that I had worked for me -even at the time. Day after day, I started to develop my designs to offer exceptional pieces by mixing glass, silver or gold with natural stones and / or precious.

«I ​​offer exceptional pieces by mixing glass, silver or gold with natural and precious stones.»


«Flawless» in gold, silver and pearl. © Archives Randa Choueiri Rizk

What sets you apart from other jewelers? I have three specific roots: firstly, my jewelry is me, my taste, originality I have. Then it’s the technique that I control, combined with the know-how. And finally, it is the multidisciplinary training I had the opportunity to have, in this case fashion design, advertising, interior design and glass melting. However, the uniqueness of the pieces that I propose lies both in the form and structure at the level of components, such as wood, glass, ceramics, silver, pearl or others. The product that resulted was unimaginable and could meet all tastes and all budgets. Since then, I continue to invent what might appeal to women who want the elegance and distinction at a time, while trying to use new materials decorating the most attractive jewelry.

How do you manage to attract customers? Attract customers is not a simple operation of exhibition of worked pieces. For me, it is to propose what has never been offered on the local market, based on the fact that a jewel, whether a ring, a pendant, earrings or bracelet, is the product of a sculpted shape that I invest myself to get it into a perfect shape so it can please. In addition, I want to draw unique shapes embracing all tastes, trends, news or fashion. I think a work of art, regardless of the field covered, is the result of a certain maturity an artist had the opportunity to develop with time. So this is what matters to successfully offer new and unique.


Ring «Flora» in silver and ruby.                     Pendant «Silhouetta» combining melting glass, silver, gold and pearl

© Archives Randa Choueiri Rizk

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