Tina Sayegh: Themed Creations

Prestige issue 264-265, July-August 2015


Tina Sayegh. © Archives Tina Sayegh

You’re a jewelry designer. Why did you choose this line? While having studied engineering, I was passionate about jewelry and accessories that I loved to create. I imagined, conceived and realized gold plated pieces and handmade accessories, like rings, earrings, bracelets and cuffs. In 2013, I launched the brand Tina’s Closet.

What characterizes your creations? Originality of  the models and uniqueness of the pieces. My customers can be proud to wear a unique creation that they will not see on another person. Another distinct feature: each season, I prepare a collection which comprises between seven and fifteen pieces. Each collection tells a particular theme. With twenty-five collections of jewelry under my belt, each creation is unique and has a name. I also create 18K gold and silver jewelry, customized and personalized but only on order.


© Archives Tina Sayegh

«My designs have had great success at the exhibition Beirut Designers’ Week.»

Where do you get your inspiration? Each collection or even each piece is inspired by various life stories or real encounters. The heart pendant comes under the Lace collection; the tree of life is part of the Nature collection; the cuff created from music notes, is part of the Music collection; or the ballerina pendant from the Collection Life is a Circus. It also happens that I get inspired from different places where exhibitions are held.

Do you participate in exhibitions? I participate in all exhibitions organized in Lebanon. I have already participated in seven exhibitions, including one very interesting, the Beirut Designers’ Week held in May. I think I was really overwhelmed seeing the success my creations have won during this famous event.

For more information: email: [email protected]

Tel : 76-961118

Facebook: «Tina’s Closet» and «Tina’s Closet-Beirut»


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