Roula Bohsali: Quality rather than profit

Prestige issue 264-265, July-August 2015


Roula Bohsali. © Archives Roula Bohsali

Why did you choose this line?ûand encouraged all aspiring artists who later became masters in the field. He also encouraged his children; my brother is an architect and artist, a sister who made the Fine Arts and another that is fashion designer.

Since when do you exercise your talent? Since seventeen years I have been working in fashion, with my sister who is a fashion designer. This experience allowed me to know all the secrets of the trade. The Rim N Roll brand is newborn in my career.

What is the Rim N Roll brand? Rim N Roll is actually an abbreviation of the name of my daughter Rim and mine Roll in reference to Roula. It was inspired by a musical note, a funky title that looks like rock’n’roll.



© Archives Roula Bohsali

«I’m reviving manual embroidery in the spirit of pop art.»

Have you participated in exhibitions in Lebanon and abroad? I participated in various «pop up» shops in Beirut, Riyadh, London and Pulse Design in the capital itself.

Give us an overview of your creations … Regarding the raw material, all my bags are in real leather. As to the model, I’m doing a fusion between tradition and modernity. In the sense that I revive the hand embroidery in a spirit of modern pop art. Lebanon is famous worldwide for fashion and jewelry, why can it not be famous in craft? This would encourage one way or another  the Lebanese workforce suffering from strong competition from the Far East.

How do you develop your work? I try to limit production of my creations in a controlled scale. Quality, for me, is more important than profit. After all, my work is pure handicraft and non-industrial. However, I would like to work with young modern artists in the creation of a parallel line and at the same time more affordable for young people.

For more information:

email: [email protected]

Tel : 00961 3 790099, Instagram: rim_roll

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