Katia Mekhitarian & Rita Bechara: Original Accessories

Prestige issue 264-265, July-August 2015


Katia Mekhitarian and Rita Bechara. © Archives Katia Mekhitarian & Rita Bechara

Why did you choose the range of beach accessories? Katia: My sister Rita and I chose that branch because we are above all great fans of beach, sun and summer. At first, we found that there was a serious lack of interesting, entertaining and original accessories this season. Our idea was to first find a towel that is lightweight, dries quickly, does not take place in the beach bag, and not be heavy, even wet at the end of the day. We did a trip to Tunisia, known for this kind of towel used in spas and steam rooms. A hundred percent cotton, they are light and dry well and quickly, not to mention the array of lovely, bright colors.

How was your brand born? Rita: After the towels, Katia and I added essential beach accessories such as kits we design and manufacture both of us, customized hats, bags and cushions for women and men. We put our personal touch to all these summer creations and decided to develop the brand by launching Casa Del Fouta. It’s only a few months we have seriously launched our project. Our adventure is just beginning.


© Archives Katia Mekhitarian & Rita Bechara

«All our creations are personalized, unique and exclusive.»

Did you participate in exhibitions? Rita: We are in our third exhibition in Lebanon. We participated in the event State of Art of Rotaract Metn, the excellent edition of the Beirut Designers’ Week in Zaitunay Bay, and the Green Festival in Downtown Beirut. From July 18 to 22, we will participate in the expo Afkart at Zaitunay Bay.

How do you develop your business? Katia and Rita: We are focusing for now on all items that fall within the range of beach accessories, and sandals, tunics, necklaces, headbands, bracelets around the ankle and others … We were very satisfied and motivated by the success that our products have garnered at the expo of Beirut Designers’ Week. We think of developing our work by diversifying and even adding new products. We also plan to devote some of our creations for winter accessories like scarves, gloves and hats. This way we manage to cover all the seasons, so that each season fashionistas will have beautiful creations.

For more information: email: [email protected]

Tel: 00961 3 848584

Instagram: casadelfouta, Facebook: Casa del fouta

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