Zeina Salamoun: Tradition and modernity

Prestige issue 262, May 2015


Zeina Salamoun. © Archives Zeina Salamoun

Tell us about Le Sellier, the brand that you recently relaunched … The brand Le Sellier was launched in 1965 by my family. They manufactured luxury goods in genuine leather, mainly suitcases, shoes, bags and belts. But the history of my family with leather tanning goes back a hundred and twenty years ago when my great-grandfather Hanna Salamoun launched his first tannery in Machghara. To restart Le Sellier has always been one of my dreams and I am proud to have finally taken up this challenge.

What do you manufacture? With genuine leather imported from Europe, I make bags and high quality bracelets. All my products are proudly handmade in Lebanon by Lebanese craftsmen.

Sacs de Salamoun

© Archives Zeina Salamoun

What are the latest trends in the Spring-Summer 2015 collections? In the Spring-Summer 2015 collections, orange, red, yellow, khaki, blue and pink are the colors in vogue. As for the standard selections, these are obviously the black bags, camel, gold or silver. These are items of choice, for all ages and all styles.

The small bag has a big place in your collection … Indeed, the small bag confirms its comeback this summer. The classical bags have not disappeared; they are an essential part of the woman’s look. Pouches, shoulder strap or envelope are handbags for all occasions, and remarkable for their unique and glamorous design.

Where do you have a point of sale? For now, I have no point of sale and my strategy is not to have, because I want to continue producing affordable bags. For example, with 170 dollars, you can have a beautiful bag from Le Sellier.

Where do you expose your products? I expose my bags in shops and I participate in local exhibitions, but also regional. You can discover all my collection on Facebook and Instagram. Meet me, from 9 to 10 May, at the Bashkir store in Sodeco where part of the proceeds will be donated to the benefit of St. Jude hospital. And from 27 to 31 May, I will participate in the exhibition Beirut Designer’s Week in Zaitunay Bay.

For more information:

Phone: 961 3 884464

Facebook: Le Sellier or Zeina Salamoun Maalouf

Instagram: lesellier ou zeinasalamoun

E mail: [email protected]


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